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posted 6/2/2004 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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Colin McRae Rally 4
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Listening to the complaints that gamers had about last year’s game Codemasters has decided to unlock the career mode to all vehicles and drivers. No longer will you be forced to look at the ugly backside of the Ford Focus, you’ll now be able to take all of your favorite vehicles, such as the Subaru Impreza, on a world-wide tour.

There are a few changes beneath the surface as well. Codemasters assured us that tweaks have been made to the game’s physics system in order to ensure the most realistic rally performance on the market. After taking the game for a small test drive the changes were imminent; vehicles have a much higher tendency to lose control , especially when too much power is given to the vehicle in turns. Finesse driving is the key to success in rally racing and it looks like Codemasters is doing its best to emphasize this point.

True beauty resides on the surface and Codemasters hasn’t neglected this aspect either. It looks like the game has received a significant facelift and the tracks and roadside objects will be receiving the most benefit. Most of the complaints revolving the visuals in last year’s game revolved around the rather lackluster trackside models. This time around you’ll see nice touches such as individually rendered blades of grass that sway in the wind.

Codemasters ensured us that many more surprises await us when the game is released later on this year in the UK and early next year in the US. Whatever those surprises may be, we’re certain that it’s going to make the best rally title on the PS2 that much better and for Xbox owners? Well let’s just say that Microsoft Rallisport 2 was nowhere to be seen.
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