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posted 6/2/2004 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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American Idol

As much as we hate to admit it, some of us were addicted to Fox's hit reality show, American Idol. Looking to capitalize on the show's astronomical ratings, Codemasters is developing a rhythm-based game that allows the gamer to place themselves into the role of a budding contestant.

Utilizing a very unique set of cel-shaded renderers, American Idol has a look that is very unique and true to the image. Playing as a contestant, players will have to press the corresponding buttons as the icons pass on the screen. Gameplay is very similar to other rhythm-based games such as DDR and Gitaroo Man.

Players will be judged based on their accuracy and timing. The better the player performs the more confident the on-screen avatar sings and dances. Likewise, committing errors will cause the character to lose its composure and sing off-key and dance off-beat.

Like the show, you will be criticized at the end of each performance by the real judges of the show. The comments in the E3 build were rather generic and sparse but with Simon Cowell's wit at their disposal, we're certain that Codemasters will have much more up their sleeves.

What's American Idol without licensed music? Thankfully, the folks at Codemasters were able to secure over 40 of today's most popular and recognizeable songs for the title. To give an example of the kind of music to expect, the E3 build featured Britney Spears' "Oops I Did It Again" as one of the playable tracks. Be afraid, be very afraid.

As ashamed as you may be to admit it, these rhythm-based games are a blast to play. While we don't exactly feel manly when owning up to it, we're excited to see how this game will turn out.
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