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posted 8/26/2008 by Dave Gamble
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Fighting the terrorists was interesting on an intellectual level, though, in that they spoke Spanish when they'd shouted at each other, so the fighting parts were almost like the Rosetta Stone language course in speaking 'South American Terrorist.' I learned many useful and helpful phrases like "Go get him!" and "Are you ok?" and "No, you idiot, that French bastard shot me in the head!" Note that one of those is made up. You decide which. In coordinating with the other Commandos in my unit and our Captain, I also learned that 'Sergeant Boudet' roughly translates to "You go first, bullet bee-yatch!" Which was probably a good thing, in retrospect, because on the occasions when they did get out in front of me, they'd turn around and wait for me. I'd come running around a corner and the first thing I would see is two armed guys pointing weapons at me. You can guess how I responded to that! Lucky for them, they're central to the cut scenes and are therefore immortal.

The cut scenes reminded me of those people you work with that read verbatim from PowerPoint slides when giving presentations. I have never understood why those people assume the rest of us can't read for ourselves, and what other explanation could there be? That said, the voiceovers were pretty good and quite authentically military sounding. Keep the speakers turned down if your three year old child or 80 year old granny are nearby, though, as there are a handful of expletives. For authenticity's sake, I guess. They don't add much, and I remain unclear as to why they make their way into games like this.

The game is very short. There's not much of a story to tell, and they don't waste much time telling it. The nuclear situation was defused (get it?) and the terrorist had met justice in a little over two hours. I imagine that I could increase that play time some if I were to play through again at the hard setting rather than the medium one, but the experience wasn't compelling enough for me to want to do it again. Code of Honor 2 Conspiracy Island would have been an average game if it had been released contemporaneous to Far Cry. In the days of Call of Duty 4, a game like Conspiracy Island scores a C-.

Conspiracy Island would have been an average First-Person-Shooter a few years ago, but those days are passed. In today's environment, Conspiracy Island doesn't meet the standard.

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