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posted 11/5/2008 by The GN Staff
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Are there plans for any type of goal-centric campaign or storyline mode to pursue? Will there be a sandbox mode so that players can just got nuts with their city without having to worry about any constraints?
CITIES XL is a game without a specific ending where you can decide which challenges you would like to handle: are you caring for the visual look of your city or are you more interested in making money? The great thing about CITIES XL is that even without the story you’ll always have something to do. GEMs will offer regular challenges and via the Planet Offer we'll constantly issue competitions to players.

A city is nothing without citizens, can you talk about the improvements to the citizen system and explain about what needs we'll be satisfying in the game?
In CITIES XL, we've created citizen profiles that relate to how they respond to your actions. Their needs are related to their profile and the size of the city they live in. This is a dynamic system that will ensure that the game is not difficult to get in but stays interesting and challenging with time. The principle carries over to the GEMs with obviously different criteria. Let's say you've built a Ski Resort with many difficult trails, and you're doing a great job of staffing it with Ski patrollers and just generally maintaining it well, you will appeal more to tourist searching for the top ski experience than the one looking for nightlife.

City building games while fun, always end up being populated by the same buildings over and over again. What are you doing in Cities XL that will break up the monotony? Any chance we'll see famous landmarks in the game or not? What about user created buildings?
Our game will have hundreds of different structures at launch, along with some recognizable landmarks. It is our intention to keep either directly, or with the help of the community, a regular flow of new buildings. Because the buildings have an impact on the simulation and will be used on the Planet mode we need to have a level of control to make sure that the impact on the gameplay is pertinent. We already started talking with a few but highly talented custom content makers in the community to team up on this topic.

Can you talk about the GEM system and how it will work in the game? How hard will it be to use? Will players be able to sell their creations to other players for real money or not?
I think I jumped ahead of you, just jump back to question 2 for that overview :-)

As for the city builder core game, the GEMs are designed so that players get higher challenges while learning. They really will be intuitive to every skill level of player.

As far as selling creations is concerned, we aren't planning a real-world currency exchange, but you will find out that your creations can be sold to in-game citizens.

An example that we're throwing around is the automobile manufacturer GEM. Let's say you build that GEM and start designing your own cars. The next step will be to advertise those cars in other online cities and pretty soon you will find citizens in other towns driving those customized cars, and your resources start getting boosted by all these deals. .
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