Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver


posted 10/11/2002 by Dan Clarke
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Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver is the first game released that is part of the Xbox Incubator program. The game is developed by I-Imagine Interactive, which is the African continent’s first video game console development studio.

Let’s view the fact sheet for the details on the game:

Chase places players in the exciting world of Hollywood movie stunt car action. With four unique movie sets and a variety of vehicles unlike any other game, Chase promises heart-pounding action and spectacular movie-style special effects. Players will have to hit their marks as they attempt jumps, smash through props and race through the set in order to please the director before moving onto the next action packed stunt.

· 4 Diverse movie sets (Asian City, Post Apocalyptic, 1920’s Gangster and Spy Thriller Set)

· 16 movie scenes and 4 training missions

· Career, Challenge and Multiplayer (mini-game) modes

· Dynamic Camera Replay System with added effects for the best view of the action

· Up to 4 players can compete (via split screen) in the multi-player mini-games

· A variety of vehicles including 1920’s automobiles, high-tech sport cars, motorcycles, articulated semi-truck, a three wheeled Tuk-Tuk and post-apocalyptic dune buggies

· “Hit the mark” system guides players to action packed stunts

· Play as the young sexy stuntwoman Chase Corrado

· Earn reputation points to unlock new scenes, challenges and multiplayer modes

· Up to 4-player split-screen

When I first saw this stat sheet, the only thing I could think of was “God, please don’t let this be another Stuntman” as Stuntman promised something similar but was a major disappointment.

Thankfully I can report that Chase is no Stuntman and is one of the better games I’ve played for the console in terms of how it really feels like you’re in the stunt person environment.
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