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posted 5/23/2003 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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Outlaw Volleyball

While EVE Online took up the majority of the Simon and Schuster booth I must admit that I was much more interested in the company’s over-the-top volleyball game Outlaw Volleyball.

This is your garden-variety two-on-two volleyball game but there’s a twist, it’s been injected with a heavy dose of attitude. The composure meter makes a return here and it affects the way that your character hits the ball. Like Outlaw Golf you’ll gain composure by making great plays and lose composure by making bad plays. Lower composure equates to erratic play characterized by weaker hit power and lessened accuracy. Of course like in OG you’ll still have the opportunity to run across the net and beat the hell out of someone to gain it all back. Fighting has been improved in this game and is actually of the old-school 2D side-scrolling style.

The game itself played pretty well and featured a great cast of witty and sensual characters. When you begin you’ll have four to choose from and as you progress you’ll unlock newer and better characters who are not only more entertaining, but are overall better players. Favorites El Suave, Summer and Ice Trey make up part of the 12 character cast.

S&S said that the Xbox Live component is working rather well and runs with little to no lag. As an added bonus the company has pledged upgrades via the service including the possibility of new venues and characters.

In another related note the company hinted that Outlaw Golf 2 is currently in development.
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