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posted 5/23/2003 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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Don’t feel left out if you haven’t heard of this up-and-coming company, they’re still relatively new and their only marquee title to date has been Sub Rebellion for the PS2. While I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be kicking off my show with such a low-profile company I must admit that the appointment was much more pleasant than I expected.

Maxxis ATV (working title)
Release: Q1 2004

Aren’t overexposed to all of the ATV titles currently on the market? Then you’ll be happy to know that Metro3D has teamed up with the world’s largest ATV tire-maker, Maxxis, to create its own Xbox exclusive ATV racing title. Being developed by Maxxis’ own internal development team, the racing game will feature ATVs and upgrades from 25 different manufacturers including Honda and Kawasaki.

While a playable build was not available for perusal a looping video showed off the game’s core idea. It’s a racing title of course but an over-the-top one at that. Aggressive racing is definitely the emphasis; much to the point where combat has been included SSX style. You’ll also be able to pull off “gnarly stunts and tricks” as you claw your way to the finish line. Xbox Live is currently planned for up to six players.

Pumpkin Man (working title)
Q3 2003

Like Maxxis ATV this one wasn’t available in playable form and was another looping video. As its namesake implies the game has a Halloween theme to it but there’s a twist. Instead of being a horror or gore fest the game is about a world where Halloween has been forbidden. Of course you can’t stand for that so you’ll have to fight to bring it back. A large emphasis has been placed on the four-player support although there will be an entirely unique experience on the single-player side of things. Currently there are plans to have 40 multi-player levels, 20 single-player levels, 25 different enemies and 13 different weapons.

The current build has a cursor-based interface but it remains to be seen if it will be present in the final build of the game or not. Think about four players moving cursors around the screen and it’s easy to see as to why this may be problematic. Currently the game looks to be shaping up well and is on target for an E for Everyone rating.

Q3 2003

Shayde is a first person shooter that pits humans against monsters with a large emphasis on multiplayer. Via Xbox Live or LAN six players can team up for some good ol’ co-op action. For some strange reason single-console multi-player has been omitted, forcing you to actually own an Xbox if you want to get in on the action. The official line for this omission is that it would be too confusing to play a first person shooter on split-screen, I guess Halo isn’t enough evidence that this is actually possible.

Voice chat will be enabled so that players can talk and communicate with each other when they’re in the game world. If you get tired of playing the co-op mode there’s always the usual death match and head-to-head multiplayer modes.

Smash Cars
July 2003

We were told that this was the company’s number one title and after playing it, it was easy to see why. The premise of the game is that you control an R/C car in a scale-sized world. This means that you’ll be driving along significantly larger environments, complete with gigantic objects and humans. Alright so it’s been done before but never quite as interesting.

There are actually humans in the environments that can affect the outcome of a race. For instance on a beach level a walking human caused the ground to shake and knock our vehicle off its course. Another time the human actually picked us up and proceeded to throw us into the side of a cliff.

It’s coming out next month so we won’t have to wait long to see how well it turns out.
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