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posted 10/16/2008 by The GN Staff
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Would Champions Online support the sharing of fan-created content?
We have no plans on supporting that at launch but Cryptic Studios is very interested in the concept of user generated content so we definitely will not rule that out for the long term.

Can we get any peeks at some of the other locations in the world of Champions Online?
No but keep an eye on the website!

What were the biggest lessons you learned from your previous super hero games?
One aspect in super hero games that is much stronger than other genres is personal identity. Being able to create the exact character that you have in mind is extremely important to a lot of people. This is why we are putting so much emphasis on customization: costume, power choice, animation stance, nemesis, etc.

One of the things that turned some people (OK, me) from City of Heroes was that I was in so much XP debt from dying that there was now way I was going to get to the next level without a lot of grinding, how are you handling death in the game and will gamers have to do a lot of grinding to get anywhere?
We are still tweaking the death penalty but I can tell you that we will definitely not have XP debt or negative XP or anything like that.

Looking ahead, how far away are you from a closed/public beta?
[Chris] We do have a number of people logging and playing now regularly but we still have not announced our beta sign ups.

How will the PC experience differ from the console experience? What's the biggest challenge in bringing a MMO to the console? Will you be using the built in points system to collect a monthly fee or will you be using your own payment system?
From day one we have built this game as both a PC and a console game. We have found that if you are absolutely committed to both then you solve a lot of your problems through the way you design the game. That being said designing a user interface for both PC and console has been a big challenge. You have to keep in mind that players could have really tiny standard definition TVs and work from that.

Anything else about the game that we missed that’s important?
Did I mentioned you can pick up cars and hit people with them?

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