Casino Empire


posted 11/8/2002 by John Yan
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Along the way certain events will pop up needing your attention. For example, a person might come by and offer you some improvements for your casino at a price. If you do purchase them, they can backfire on you. You might also get an opportunity to purchase equipment at a lower price. Competing casinos will also launch sabotages against you while you can also do the same to them. One time I had a bunch of clowns from the Big Top Casino walk through and harass my dealers. It’s these little events that do make the game a little more interesting.

The standard isometric view of the casino floor is presented to you. Certain areas are colored differently which signify areas you are allowed to build on so you can’t just place machines and games on any part of the casino floor. Walls allow for other attractions such as keno rooms, poker rooms, and restaurants. Wall space is a premium because for some unknown reason Sierra didn’t allow for you to rotate the map. You’re pretty much stuck with one view and one view only, which is a pretty bad design decision. Even the old SimCity games allowed you to rotate the map to view the areas at different angles. So if you don’t have room for your buffet that you want in your casino, you’ll have to sell some of the other establishments that you place against the wall.

Various casino staff is hired to try and keep your establishment clean, safe, and entertaining. You’ll need a good security staff to catch and toss out cheaters. Waitresses will walk around and serve drinks to the patrons. You can even hire showgirls to parade around the casino floor. You can assign a route for each worker to make sure the area on the floor is covered by a specific employee.

Outfitting the outside of the casino allows you to make your establishment more attractive, thus getting more people into your place. You can put up some lights, roller coaster rides, fountains, and other decor. You can’t really do much on placement on the outside, as you will just see your purchases appear in their pre-established areas but it is kind of interesting to watch as your dull exterior become like one of those high profile casinos on the Las Vegas strip.
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