Call of Duty: United Offensive


posted 11/28/2004 by John Yan
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Sounds of war are replicated well in the pack and you’ll really feel as if you’re in the heat of the action in the Russian and British campaign. Some of the campaigns will start out as you ride into battle with fellow soldiers and you’ll hear speeches or soldiers scared reactions. If you have a nice surround sound system, it really enhances the already great audio of the game. Dialogue between soldiers is voiced well and that’s one of the things I really liked about the original game and the expansion pack.

Multiplayer fans will be happy to see 11 new maps and three new game modes. Capture the Flag is included and it’s the classic gameplay that we all know and love. Domination is just like the Unreal Tournament 2003 one whereby you try and capture all the points to score. Finally, Base Assaults sets attackers and defenders against each other as they try to control three bases. The bases serve as spawn points and you lose them as the base us destroyed by the attackers.

United Offensive is a lot more intense in action than the original Call of Duty. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing. You’ll rarely get a chance to rest in this one and I, for one, did enjoy the constant action. If you liked the original game, you’ll probably enjoy the expansion pack as well. You will run into the occasional mission that will take a few tries to get through adding a little to the frustration factor. Other than that, this is a nice pack to pick up if you’re looking for some good single player World War II action and a continuation of the Call of Duty gameplay.

A nice expansion pack and fun to play for fans of Call of Duty. 13 new missions and 11 new multiplayer maps adds to the Call of Duty fun.

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