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posted 8/13/2009 by Charles Husemann
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Obviously you have a kick ass game, that's going to destroy the competition, but do you think you'll fare a lot better with so many big name titles getting moved to 2010?
*Laughs* I don't mind any of that and that's definitely not a problem but it's obvious as to why they are moving. It's because they are afraid of Brutal Legend.

I totally didn't think of it that way.
I'm just glad we finished on time and didn't have to slip our schedule.

Given that you've been in the industry for so long, what do you think are the biggest issues the industry faces right now?
I think it's actually a pretty exciting time right now as there are a lot of opportunities for games of different sizes to get made. Small games, really small games, and kind of medium games are all getting out there and there are ways for smaller development teams to reach the public and I think that's exciting because it lowers the barriers to entry but still there are a lot of quality games out there that will lead to more innovation, more ideas. So I am very optimistic about the future and injecting all that creativity into the market because games are getting so complicated and expensive that there's this danger of becoming overly risk averse as games get super expensive. People won't be willing to try anything unless it's a sequel or something like that and that could be very bad.

All you need is to have one of these small games or indie games become a huge, huge hit kind of like Easy Rider was in the 70's, showing you can have a really profitable game made for less money and that will open up different options for developers to make different kinds of games.

You've mixed Video games and heavy metal music, is this the worst nightmare of parents everywhere or not?
Well I think it may have been before but this is the third generation of metalheads out there. If you go to Ozzfest now or any soft of metal show you'll see a lot of parents taking their kids to their first metal show. A metal crowd is a surprisingly affable crowd. The love the music and they are really dedicated fans. It's kind of a family affair.

I think the world has matured to the point that I hope parents play Brutal Legend with their kids (as long as those kids are over 18). There is a filter for profanity and gore so you can turn that off and play with their kids. Heavy metal and video games didn't ruin my life so I advocate them for children of all ages.

Are there any kinds of of cheap shots at poseur metal bands can we expect to see in the game? Any cheap shots at Winger or Poison?
There is a satirical element to it. Eddie is working for the worst heavy metal band in the world when the game starts and we do take a few shots at New [Nu] Metal. There are some things in metal today that I just don't like. I'm a little bit of a grumpy old man when it comes to heavy metal although there are a lot of new bands like Strangers of Blood that are great, There's just a few things going on that are a little too slick and marketable for me and so we do make fun of that in our opening sequence a bit and hopefully people will see the humor there.

Was there ever any pressure to make this a T rated game?
EA never asked me to make it a T rated game. I don't think I could have made this game without beheading as it would be not true to the genre. Medieval combat with a double sided broad axe where you don't chop off someones head just seemed wrong. I think once you're beheading things you're kind of in M territory.

Finally, Lucasarts is going back and releasing Secret of Monkey Island a other classic games, what are your thoughts on that and is there anything you'd like to see re-released that they haven't' done yet?
I'm curious to see how that does. I'd like to play Monkey Island again as I haven't played it in years. I'm glad they made the original available. I'd like to see any of those old games remade as it's really hard for people to get Grim Fandango to run on a modern PC so if they released that one it would be a lot easier for people to go back and play it.

Any idea of what you are working on next or is that TBD?
That is still TBD at this point.

I'd like to thank Tim for taking the time to answer our questions as well as Chase and Devin for inviting me to participate.

Here's the full audio of the interview

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