posted 12/9/2010 by Tom Bitterman
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Hey!  Wait a minute.  That sounds like fun.  And what do you know?  It is.  Despite the lack of 3D chariots, even with the lack of lamenting, there is a good game here.  “Bronze” does not have the complexity of, say, “Europa Universalis”, but it neither needs nor wants it.  What it does have is a set of simple rules, well put together and balanced, that lay bare the bones of the strategic decisions at hand.

There really is not much to not like about this game.  The graphics are a bit primitive.  It fits more comfortably into the “casual” than the “hardcore” market despite its depth.  The actual historical content, after being heavily featured in its description, is minimal.  There is a definite Eurogame feel that some gamers may not find to their taste.  The only thing keeping it from a higher score is its limited scope – one feels like one could play this game perfectly.

As a side note, the AI is good, but I cannot see why it isn't perfect, or near so.  The game tree is well-defined at any point and a simple min-max search (with maybe a little alpha-beta pruning thrown in) would seem to do the trick.  Even solving the various maps looks possible.

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