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Breach’s main attraction is the destructible environment system, and I’m actually a pretty big fan of how this was executed. You can place breaching charges on buildings, walls, roofs, and dynamically enter a structure, take the floor right out from under somebody, or collapse the building entirely. I have two critiques here; first, the length of the timing fuse on the breaching charge; I’d put my charge on a building in Ascent to kill a sniper, and while I’m waiting for it go off my teammate has already gone through the “traditional” door and killed my target. Second, taking down a building takes a lot of time and a lot of effort, in fact, I’ve never seen it done in-game, I just know that it can be done because I’ve seen it in promotional stills. Giving the breaching charges a little more power might’ve made this feature a little more interesting.

One of Breach’s major problems is that not only are games hard to get into, they’re hard to stay in at times. There are plenty of people playing, which is nice, but in my experience the game will frequently freeze in the loading screen, and if the host quits, the game is probably over. I only say “probably” because I’ve never been in a game where the host has left and everyone has stayed long enough for the host to migrate. Loading times are also pretty lengthy, and tried this gamer’s patience more often than not. Further, any time I use “Quick Match” I play on one of the two same maps, over and over. Unless you create your own games, I hope you really like Ascent and Passage.

The character animations also have some trouble; tossing a grenade looks like a combination of a shot-put throw and a downward high-five, and your melee attack is so slow it looks like you’re swinging your arm through jell-o, although reloading and the weapon models themselves do look pretty good. Occasionally your target will “teleport” from one place to the next, but it’s not a consistent issue, so whether it’s a real flaw or a connection issue is hard to tell.

All of that being said, will I be keeping Breach around? Absolutely I will.

I am part of a small community who hates COD: Black Ops. Specifically, I think it’s a terrible game that shames the franchise and that Treyarch couldn’t develop a decent shooter if they had a decade to work on it and I flatly refuse to play anything they make for the rest of my life. The problem becomes that everyone I know wants to play COD: BO all the time, while I desperately need an alternative in a time of year that is devoid of quality new shooters. Breach is an imperfect, snack-sized game that will tide me over whenever I get tired of playing the same games I’ve been playing for the last few months. That, to me, is worth both the price and the irritation.

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Breach will test your patience, but gamers who need a respite from other shooters will find a reliably enjoyable experience.

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