BloodRayne 2


posted 11/24/2004 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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One Page Platforms: PS2
Although the demand for big-breasted female heroines has died down, the demand for blood and guts still remains at an all-time high. Thus it leaves the door open for Majesco to continue to unleash its Vampiristic slasher onto the rest of the world. But as you’ll soon discover, it’s not just about excessive violence and gore, the game is actually more about intense combat, addictive action and… well, I guess it it’s about a little bit of violence, but don’t get us wrong, it’s a hell of a lot of fun, definitely one of the year’s biggest surprises.

In the first game you assumed the role of Rayne as she set came to grips with being the daughter of a vampire father and a human mother. It seems like a normal setup but you’ll soon discover that her father isn't just any garden variety vampire, he's the King of Vampires. Not just any King of Vampires, but a King of Vampires who has an affinity for Nazis. Like most adolescent teenagers, Rayne hates her father but instead of crying about it while moping to Good Charlotte songs she decides that it would be easier to rip him to shreds. It's been 70 years since the events in the first game transpired. Her father presmuably passed away in a bizarre accident and Rayne felt cheated by the fact that he didn't die by her fans. To make herself feel better, Rayne has been hunting the remaining members of her family. The setup is a decent one that’s told through a series of competently rendered cutscenes. As the game unfolds you’ll gain more insight to Rayne’s world as she continues to do battle against her brothers and sisters.

Big breasted ass-kicker meets Tony Hawk.

Rayne’s main objective is to kick as much vampire tail as possible so she’s got some pretty lethal weapons in her arsenal. In the beginning you’ll have the punch, kick, feed and hook at your disposal. As expected, utilizing different combinations of the punch and kick buttons will lead to different types of devastating blows. Most of the fun comes from the feeding and hook that Rayne possesses. As before, Rayne is able to feed off of the blood of others in order to regain her health. It’s a nice gameplay element that really makes sense considering the surroundings and the thematic. By using the hook, Rayne can utilize nearby objects as weapons of devastation. It’s fun to toss enemies into fireplaces or impale them onto the horns of the rhinos that adorn the walls. If that’s not gory enough you can perform some rather gruesome fatalities as well. You’ll start out with a few but there’s a good chance that those are all you’ll need. You can slice a guy clean in half or knock him to the ground and chop his head off. As you progress you’ll need more, but a fatality is a fatality, they may look more elaborate but they carry the same weight.

Your other means of attack comes from a set of pistols that utilize blood as their bullets. You can get more ammo by feeding on a foe and then hitting the shoot button to let the bullets feed as opposed to Rayne. When the bullets run out you can still use the gun but they’ll feed from Rayne and cause her to lose health. At first I was getting visions of Devil May Cry in my head but the gunplay doesn’t hold up its end of the bargain. It can be fun to use in close range but the weak impact and iffy targeting mechanism make them the second option to the melee attacks. She can also use them when grinding down rails but the targeting system is so inept that it’s nearly impossible to hit targets as you pass them. Thankfully you can still do a melee attack and slice your foes as you rush down the stairs. Since Rayne is half vampire she has a few supernatural tricks up her sleeve; she can slow down time in order to enhance her perception, speed herself up to outwit her opponents and enhance her vision so that she can see hidden doorways and lairs.
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