Blacklight: Tango Down


posted 7/23/2010 by John Yan
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As a heavy FPS gamer, it takes a little more to get me excited about another one coming down the pipe. Blacklight: Tango Down is one of those games that didn’t excite me too much beforehand, and doesn’t really after playing it. It’s not a bad attempt and it is relatively inexpensive compared to the competition out there but it’s not too impressive of an FPS. I mean, if this was a $60 game, I’d be appalled I spent so much money but coming in at $15, it’s OK if you’re looking for something cheap to play with.

Blacklight: Tango Down is mostly a multiplayer first person shooter with various online modes and a pretty short co-op mode that can also be played solo. There’s really no plot presented as you’re thrust into a multiplayer game or co-op game depending on your choice. You’ll have to dig a little deeper into the menu system but for all intents purposes, this is just a typical multiplayer shooter without much of a backstory to get you in the mood.

12 maps are available along with seven multiplayer modes of play. There’s more than enough content for a $15 game in that aspect so you can’t fault Blacklight: Tango Down for skimping here. I mean, compared to, say, a map pack for Modern Warfare 2, there’s a cornucopia of content for you to play with.

The game is a fast paced shooter so you’ll be running around quickly and dying quickly as well. In the vein of Unreal Tournament or Quake, the characters can move around the level rapidly and I found out I did better running constantly rather than being cautious. Well, that is the case at the beginning of each game as there was a pattern that seemed to follow each time I played.

All too often, the game boils down to one team pushing far enough to the others spawn point and it devolves into a battle at that area. While the enemies can’t enter the spawn point because it’s guarded by some indestructible turrets, the games I played still turned out to be this way until the round ended. Because there’s only one static spawn point for each team, you’ll know where they will come out at after the requisite spawn time, making it easier to just camp at the openings to the spawn point exchange gun fire.

As for character progression, Blacklight: Tango Down features an experience system whereby you earn points when killing an enemy or assisting in a kill. Players can achieve up to level 70 and you’ll be awarded various unlocks as you raise your level such as grips and armor.

Unlocks are plentiful in the game but you really don’t know what you unlock during the course of it until you are in-between gaming sessions and moving about in the menu looking for it. It’s just the descriptions of the unlock can be cryptic so it’s hard to even be excited when one comes into play.
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