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posted 11/19/2007 by Dan Keener
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I would like to give a big thanks to the folks over at, as their hard work is what made this article possible.

It looks like a good chunk of the Black Friday (Day after Thanksgiving) ads have been posted online at BF Ads, so I thought it would be a good time to pull the data and give a quick analysis for what we can expect in the video game world.

Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving has been labeled Black Friday, as that is the day that most retailers get into the “black” (post a profit) for the year. Stores open as early as 5:00 a.m. (although a few are hosting midnight sales now) and usually don’t close until real late. The best deals traditionally have been in the so-called “Early Bird” time frame, usually from open to either 10:00 a.m. or Noon. However, the trend the last few years to combat the price wars and leaked ads has been to have deals starting early in the week, or even the week before.

I pulled the video game ad details from what was posted at and have taken a look at them to find the best and most interesting info from Video Games, Video Game Hardware and Video Game Accessories.

The ads so far reveal over 160 Black Friday Video Game deals. The most prominent one appears to be the clearancing our of Guitar Hero II bundles for the Xbox 360 and PS2, as there are no less than seven deals out there right now, with $59.99 being the unanimous price. If you already have a guitar for the PS2, you can slide over to Best Buy and get the game only for $24.99. Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii is also a hot ad item, with several listing it for $49.99, but Circuit City has a scorching $39.99 price on it. And last, but not least are the various deals for buy-one-get-one, buy one-second for half price and the clearance games. CompUSA, Circuit City and Meijer seem

Video Games Format Price Retailer
3-Pack Value Games PS2 $8.99 Sears
Aircraft Collector's Edition PC $9.99 Comp USA
Aircraft2 Powerpack (PC) PC $29.99 Comp USA
All GameCube & XBox Video Games - Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off GC/XbX   Toys R Us
Asphalt 2 (Nintendo DS) DS $9.99 Toys R Us
Assassin's Creed (X360) 360 $59.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Assassin's Creed (X360) w/ Free $10 Gift Card 360 $59.99 Circuit City
Assorted games for DS Lite DS $29.99 Comp USA
Assorted games for Xbox 360 360 $59.99 Comp USA
Assorted PC games PC $49.99 Comp USA
Assorted PS3, X360 or Wii Video Games (Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off) Wii/360/PS3 B1G1H Meijer Thanks
Assorted Titles for PS3 PS3 $59.99 Comp USA
Assorted Value Video Games Several 20% OFF Sears Fri & Sat
Assorted Video Games Several $9.99 Circuit City
Assorted Video Games Several $4.99 Circuit City
Assorted Video Games (Buy 1, Get 1 Free) Several B1G1F KB Toys
Assorted Wii Video Games Wii $19.99 Best Buy
Atari Flashback 20 Game System PlugNPlay $17.00 Target
Avatar (Wii) Wii $39.99 K-Mart
Bee Movie Game (PS2) PS2 $29.99 K-Mart
Big Brain Academy Wits Degree - Wii Wii $28.00 Target
Billy the Wizard (Wii) Wii $14.99 Toys R Us
BioShock (PC) PC $24.99 Best Buy
Board Games (DS) DS $19.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Boogie - Wii/PS2 Wii/PS2 $38.00 Target
Brain Age (DS) DS $19.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Brain Age 2 (DS) DS $19.99 f.y.e.
Brain Age 2 (DS) DS $19.99 K-Mart
Brunswick (PSP) PSP $9.99 Toys R Us
Brunswick Pro Bowling (PS2) PS2 $4.99 Best Buy
Call of Duty 3 Platinum (Xbox 360) 360 $19.99 Best Buy
Call of Duty 4 - Xbox 360/PS3 360/PS3 $48.00 Target
Call of Duty 4 (X360) 360 $59.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 360/PS3 $59.99 K-Mart
Carnival Games (Wii) Wii $39.99 K-Mart
Cars: Mater-National (Wii) Wii $39.99 K-Mart
Chicken Shoot (Wii) Wii $14.99 Best Buy
Cooking Mama (DS) DS $9.99 Best Buy
Crash Of The Titans '07 (PS2) PS2 $19.99 f.y.e.
Dance Dance Revolution DisneyMix PlugNPlay $9.99 Toys R Us
Deal or No Deal DVD Game DVD $9.99 Best Buy
Destroy All Humans! 2 (XBOX) XbX $4.99 Best Buy
Diner Dash (PC) PC $4.99 Circuit City
DK: Jungle Climber (DS) DS $29.99 f.y.e.
Dora the Explorer (DS) DS $29.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Dragonball Z 3 (Wii) Wii $49.99 Sears Fri & Sat
DragonBallZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Wii) Wii $49.99 f.y.e.
Dual Sudoku 10,000 Puzzles PC $2.99 Comp USA
EA Games Pack (PSP) PSP $4.99 Best Buy
Flash Focus (DS) DS $19.99 K-Mart
Flight Simulator X Deluxe PC $9.99 Comp USA
Gameboy Advance 2-pkVideo Game Bundle GBA $14.99 Kohl's
Gears of the War - Xbox 360 360 $38.00 Target
Ghost Recon 2 (XBox 360) 360 $19.99 Best Buy
God of War II (PS2) w/ Free $10 Gift Card PS2 $39.99 Circuit City
Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories (PSP) PSP $9.99 Best Buy
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PS2) PS2 $9.99 Best Buy
Guild Wars (PC) PC $9.99 Best Buy
Guitar Hero II 360 $59.99 Sears
Guitar Hero II (Game Only) (PS2) PS2 $24.99 Best Buy
Guitar Hero II Bundle (XBOX 360) 360 $59.99 K-Mart Thanks
Guitar Hero II Bundle for PS2 PS2 $59.99 Circuit City
Guitar Hero II Bundle for Xbox 360 360 $59.99 Circuit City
Guitar Hero II Bundle w/ Guitar 360 $59.99 Meijer Thanks
Guitar Hero II for XBox 360 360 $59.99 f.y.e.
Guitar Hero III (PS3) PS3 $99.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Guitar Hero III (X360) 360 $99.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Guitar Hero III Bundle for Playstation 2 PS2 $85.00 Target
Guitar Hero III Bundle for PS2 PS2 $89.99 Circuit City
Half Life 2 - Orange Box (PC) PC $24.99 Best Buy
Half Life 2: The Orange Box (X360) 360 $39.99 K-Mart
Half-Life 2: Orange Box (PC) PC $34.99 Circuit City
Halo 3 (X360) 360 $59.99 K-Mart
Halo 3 (X360) 360 $59.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Halo 3 (X360) w/ Free $10 Gift Card 360 $59.99 Circuit City
Hannah Montana (Nintendo DS) DS $9.99 Toys R Us
Hannah Montana DVD Game DVD $9.99 Best Buy
Harry Potter (Wii) Wii $29.99 K-Mart
Heavenly Sword Video Game PS3 $48.00 Target
Herby (Nintendo DS) DS $9.99 Toys R Us
High School Musical: Sing It! Bundle with Mic (Wii) Wii $49.99 f.y.e.
Icon (XBOX 360) 360 $14.99 Best Buy
Inter Cooler for Xbox 360 360 $19.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Kim Possible (DS) DS $14.99 Best Buy
Legends (PSP) PSP $9.99 Toys R Us
Lego Star Wars (Wii) Wii $49.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Lord of the Rings Online (PC) PC $9.99 Best Buy
Madden 08 (PS2) PS2 $14.99 Circuit City
Madden '08 (PS2) PS2 $39.99 Radio Shack
Madden 08 (X360) 360 $49.99 K-Mart
Madden NFL '07 (PS3) PS3 $9.99 Best Buy
Madden NFL '08 (PS2) PS2 $19.99 f.y.e.
Major Leauge Baseball 2K7 (DS) DS $9.99 Best Buy
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) Wii $49.99 K-Mart
Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games (Wii) Wii $49.99 f.y.e.
Mario Party DS (DS) DS $29.99 f.y.e.
Mario Party DS (DS) DS $29.99 K-Mart
Mario Party DS (DS) DS $29.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Mario Strikers Charged (Wii) w/ Free $10 Gift Card Wii $49.99 Circuit City
Math Play (Nintendo DS) DS $9.99 Toys R Us
Medal of Honor: Airborne 360 $49.99 K-Mart
Medal of Honor: Airborne (PS3) PS3 $59.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Meteos Disney Magic (Nintendo DS) DS $9.99 Toys R Us
Midnight Club 3 (PSP) PSP $9.99 Best Buy
My Word Coach (DS) DS $29.99 K-Mart
Mystery Case Files: Raven Hearst (PC) PC $4.99 Best Buy
NBA 2K8 - Xbox 360/PS3 360/PS3 $28.00 Target
NBA Live '08 (PS2) PS2 $19.99 f.y.e.
NBA Live 08 (X360) 360 $49.99 K-Mart
NCAA08 Football - Xbox 360/PS3 360/PS3 $38.00 Target
Need for Speed: Pro Street (X360) 360 $59.99 K-Mart
NinJarrerd (Wii) Wii $14.99 Toys R Us
Petz Horsez 2 (Wii) Wii $49.99 K-Mart
Pirates of the Caribbean - PS2/DS PS2/DS $17.00 Target
Pirates of the Caribbean - Xbox 360/PS3/Wii Wii/360/PS3 $28.00 Target
Pirates of the Carribean (DS) DS $9.99 Best Buy
Playstation 2 2-pk Video Game Bundle PS2 $14.99 Kohl's
PlayStation 2 Three-Pack Games PS2 $8.99 K-Mart Thanks
Power Play Pool (Nintendo DS) DS $9.99 Toys R Us
Project Gotham Racing 4 - Xbox 360 360 $48.00 Target
Project Gotham Racing 4 (X360) 360 $44.99 Circuit City
PS2 3-Pack of Games PS2 $9.99 Toys R Us
Purr Pals (Nintendo DS) DS $9.99 Toys R Us
Ratchet & Clank Future Tools of Destruction (PS3) w/ Free $10 Gift Card PS3 $59.99 Circuit City
Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii) Wii $49.99 Sears Fri & Sat
RockBand Special Edition All $169.99 Comp USA
Saints Row Game for Xbox 360 360 $17.00 Target
Save an Additional 50% on Already Reduced Clearance Console Games Several   Comp USA
Select Video Games Several $29.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Select Video Games Several $39.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Select Video Games Several $49.99 Sears Fri & Sat
Sims 2 - Celebration Stuff (PC) PC $4.99 Circuit City
Sims 2 Pets (Wii) Wii $14.99 Best Buy
Skate - Xbox360/PS3 360/PS3 $48.00 Target
skate. (X360) 360 $49.99 K-Mart
Smarty Pants - Wii Wii $28.00 Target
SOCOM (PSP) PSP $39.99 K-Mart
Spider Man 3 (XBox 360) 360 $19.99 Best Buy
Spiderman 3 (PS2) PS2 $14.99 Best Buy
Spiderman Friend or Foe (PS2) PS2 $29.99 K-Mart
Spiderman: Friend or Foe - Xbox 360 360 $38.00 Target
Spongebob Squarepants: Attack of the Toybots (Wii) Wii $39.99 K-Mart
SSX Blur (Wii) Wii $14.99 Best Buy
Star Wars II - PS2/DS/Xbox 360 PS2/DS/360 $17.00 Target
Stuntman: Ignition (XBox 360) 360 $19.99 Best Buy
Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) Wii $34.99 Circuit City
Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) Wii $49.99 f.y.e.
Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) Wii $49.99 K-Mart
Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) Wii $49.99 Sears Fri & Sat
The Incredibles (XBOX) XbX $4.99 Best Buy
The Legend Of Spryo - The Eternal Night (PS2) PS2 $19.99 f.y.e.
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass DS $34.99 f.y.e.
The Orange Box - Xbox 360 360 $48.00 Target
The Simpsons Game PSP $17.00 Target
The Simpsons Game (PSP) PSP $39.99 K-Mart
The Sims 2 (PC) PC $4.99 Circuit City
The Suite Life for Nintendo DS DS $9.99 Toys R Us
Tom Raider Anniversary (Wii) Wii $39.99 K-Mart
Tony Hawk's Project 8 (XBOX 360) 360 $14.99 Best Buy
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - Xbox 360/PS3 360/PS3 $38.00 Target
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground (Wii) Wii $49.99 K-Mart
Two Worlds (PC) PC $24.99 Best Buy
Wii Sports Set Wii $9.99 Circuit City
World of Warcraft (PC) PC $9.99 Best Buy
WWE Smackdown 2008 (PS2) PS2 $49.99 K-Mart
WWE Smackdown 2008 (PSP) PSP $39.99 K-Mart
WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw '08, Free DVD With Purchase All FREE f.y.e.
Zelda: Phanton Hourglass (DS) DS $34.99 K-Mart
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