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posted 8/26/2010 by Tina Amini
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Next up, I take over the controller to start the add-on from the very beginning and explore Minerva’s Den to my curiosity’s content. Sigma starts off with the basics: a drill gun and Telekinesis (a plasmid I never particularly enjoyed). Soon after, however, I pick up the ability to control the AI surrounding Minerva’s Den. This comes quite in handy, as many of the security bots are being mind-controlled by splicers throughout the level. By sending their bots against them, I can sit back and watch them shred each other to bits, to the surprise and discomfort of my enemies.

Over the course of my travels in Minerva’s Den, I slowly unravel the controversy between Porter and his ex-business partner, Reed Wahl. The two parted ways after a disagreement on how the technology of Rapture should be used. We now find the Den shut down and overrun by splicers. After resetting the power relay to restore power to the Den, Porter sends you to his office all while explaining that Reed’s greed got the better of him. Messages from Reed accuse Porter to have been misusing the technology, wanting to turn Thinker into a person rather than take full advantage of its capabilities. According to Reed, Thinker can foretell the future through predictive equations and algorithms to which we are all, apparently, subject to evaluation under. Porter brushes these theories off, saying that splicing drove Reed, like many others in Rapture, mad.

While listening to both scientists’ tales, I pick up a spear gun that can be used for sniping. I’ve begun to favor my Security Command plasmid, however, so I decide to set the next shock bot on its user to distract the splicer while I proceed to laser blast through her electrified body.

Porter informs me that I need to gain entry into Thinker’s core access to print a hard copy of the machine code and transport it outside of Rapture. Upon getting wind of this, Reed sets a Brute splicer on me while Porter deploys the office defenses. After a tussle between myself and said Brute, I leave successful and on my way to rescue the programming of the machine out of the decaying city.

This is where my demonstration ends, but I’ve gotten a taste of the kind of conflict set in Minerva’s Den, as well as the new enemies and weapons/plasmids that will be available to us playing as the new protagonist. Although the gameplay (items, enemies, and abilities included) are not necessarily drastically unique, there’s definitely a history here to be uncovered. Considering the precedent that BioShock has set, this should prove to entail a long line of secrets that the franchise has always had a knack for intriguing me with. You can look for this new story-based DLC for the PC, 360 and PS3 this coming Fall.

We'd like to thank the 2K and Access PR team for organizing the demonstration, and the developers at 2K for guiding us through it.

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