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posted 11/27/2006 by Charles Husemann
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I’ve been a huge fan of the Battlefield series since I hooked on it playing the demo of Battlefield 1942 at a LAN party a few years back. I was instantly hooked by the excellent multiplayer action and the different levels of combat. Sure the game had bugs but the pull of the squad based combat and all the cool things you could do was irresistible. Plus, running over people in a Jeep at high speeds was pretty hysterical. Since then we’ve had the middling Battlefield: Vietnam and the very solid Battlefield 2.
There’s a plot in Battlefield 2142 about global warming and fighting over the Earth’s last resources but does it really matter? There are two different sides and they are hellbent on killing each other which is all you really need to know. The only real problem with the plot is that since the game takes place in the future and the sides are fairly (European forces vs. Pan Asian forces) it’s a little harder to get into the characters. I know this is probably just me but I found it a little easier to play the other games as it was a lot easier to get into the role of an American GI, Nazi soldier, and Chinese soldier. That said what the game lacks in plot it does make up for in gameplay tweaks.
Battlefield 2142 retains the conquest mode that's been its bread and butter since Battlefield 1942. The folks at DICE didn't really tweak this mode that too much as it was pretty close to perfect after getting the last major revision in Battlefield 2. You do get additional points for doing things where your squad leader tells you to, which helps with the team work aspects but there are no drastic overhauls to the system. The commander role returns as well with a few tweaks but for the most part BF2 veterans will feel right at home.
Battlefield 2142 does introduce the new Titan mode. Orbiting the battlefield are two giant floating airships (the Titans) that serve as one of the initial spawn points for each team. Instead of capturing mindless control points around the map you capture rocket launchers which then target the opponents Titan. The Titans are shielded so the rockets first take out the shields and then begin to destroy the hull of the ship. However, once the shields are down the Titans can be boarded and destroyed from within by destroying four control panels which then opens up the core of the ship which then must be destroyed.
The Titan mode adds a few more strategic elements as it adds a second stage to the game beyond the "capture all the control points mode". Once the shields on your team's Titan are down you now have to worry about defending the Titan. When the shields on the enemy's titan are down you have to decide if it's worth it to go for the quick kill of boarding and taking the Titan down or sticking with defending the rocket launchers. Either strategy works but it really adds an entire new level of strategy to the game. The Titan mode also fixes some of the bigger problems with the Battlfield franchise by adding some meaning to the capture points and by eliminating spawn camping. Since each team had a titan spawn point that's protected by shields you can't just camp a teams spawn point. The Titans also have a nice battery of weapons to defend itself so smart commanders can park their Titan over a control point and use the massive guns on the Titan to protect it.
The fact that the Titans can be moved presents a problem though. Battlefield 1942 vets will remember how much lag was generated when you moved the aircraft carrier and while moving the Titans in 2142 isn't nearly that bad, it is significant. It's never a good sign when you log into a server and get a message that the admins are kicking and banning people who move the Titans. 

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