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posted 1/6/2010 by Jeremy Duff
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The broken control mechanics that I have mentioned make it very difficult to complete the goals given to you by the game in order to progress. Even though the game includes benchmarks which it calls "achievements", they become nearly impossible to obtain due to the inability to make your character do what you want it to do when you want them to do it; the controls break the game. While this is supposed to be a kid friendly, family game, I would imagine that they would get extremely frustrated and get the impression that there are games that just aren't meant to be won.

The multiplayer mode of the game had a lot of promise as well; the party mode has a great premise in that is plays out as sort of a combination baseball / card game. Players alternate playing minigames which earn them various cards that they can play which will determine how they progress in the simulation of a baseball game. Cards include actions that may give your batters bonus attributes for their at-bat or cards that negatively effect the opponent's attempt at-bat. On paper and in theory, this could be fun, but the mini games break the whole system.

Playing through the single player experience and unlocking the locked mini games will also unlock two additional modes for players to access. The first mode is a baseball trivia mode that is very reminiscent of the on-screen trivia games included in many sports bars. This was the most redeeming part of the game in my opinion and the mode that I had the most fun with. You can also unlock a puzzle mode which has the player using the Wiimote to put together baseball themed jigsaw puzzles. There is no benefit to accessing either of these modes which makes them feel tacked on in the end. Even though I found the trivia game remotely enjoyable, it was pointless in the long run of things.

I don't know what else to say except for summarizing that this game is a complete mess, top to bottom. Even the slightest redeeming qualities, like the fun trivia mode an the quirky art style are quickly overshadowed by the numerous other shortcomings of the game. The game feels rushed and quickly thrown together and a waste of the MLB license. There didn't seem to be a lot of time put into the game and is shows in the final product. Despite this overall opinion of Baseball Blast, there is the groundwork here for a game that could be enjoyable in the future. Hopefully 2K can learn from this title and produce something infinitely more enjoyable in the future as the market for this type of game is definitely there...

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