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posted 8/3/2007 by The GN Staff
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How many aircraft from both sides will be available in the game?  Do you have a favorite plane?  Are there only fighters in the game or will players get the chance to fly heavier aircraft?
There are four aircraft from each side in the game. Personally, I prefer the A6M1 Zero and the P-40 Warhawk, they’re both very cool fighter planes and you can almost smell the very essence of WWII from their camouflages! In addition, there are heavier aircraft in the game namely torpedo bombers, dive-bombers and night-fighters.

Will all the planes be available in multiplayer?  Did you have to make any changes to the planes to maintain multiplayer balance?
Yeah, all the planes are available in MP from the get-go. We actually had to tune the damage level on some of them to make it a bit fairer in MP, as an example a real-life A6M1 Zero was built from light aluminum and really had no armor, but in our MP mode we’ve played with the numbers a little so it’s evened out against the P-40 and F4U. Gameplay first, right?!!
7      Can you provide some background on the four solo campaigns? About how many offline missions will ship with the final game?
There’s about 45-50 offline missions in the game with two campaigns for each side. Each set of campaign starts out on December 7th 1941 and goes on for a year or so, and then the 2nd campaigns take off at mid 1944 and take you through to the end of the war.
What kind of multiplayer support can gamers expect?  Is it straight deathmatch or are there any other modes?  Will people be creating their own servers or are there central servers that people will hook up into?  What kind of match making will you be providing with the game?
We’re running a basic match-making server centrally allowing people to more easily connect over the Internet. As for the game modes we have the death-match and team-deathmatch each mode with a number of options to choose from such as number of kills, timers, and so on.

The comic strip cut-scenes are an intriguing sight.  Tell us about the artists and writers behind them, and what this contributes and (purposely) removes from your World War II narrative.
All the comic book imagery and loading screens artwork were done by two exceptional artists based out of Australia, namely the insanely talented brother-duo Joe and Rob Sharp, whom I’ve worked with on four or five games by now. Those guys worked on a lot of comic books in their days as well as at Disney Animation on Lion King 2, Aladdin 2 and some other “small” projects.
Is there anything else about the game that you would like to talk about that we didn't cover?
To all aspiring pilots out there, I recommend you download the demo and try it out to form yourself a decent opinion. I think many might be surprised how a simple little game like this with no simulator aspiration can be so simple and yet so much fun 

We'd like to thank Bjorn for taking the time to talk to us as well as Ted B for hooking us up with the interview.

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