posted 3/5/2003 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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Our experience with Infogrames' latest racer, Apex, went a little something like this:

Hour One:

Wow. We’re literally breathless after partaking in Atari’s latest racing title, Apex. Every single aspect of the game truly is that exhilarating. Maybe it’s the true-to-life physics, or perhaps its the breathtaking visuals or the unique and addictive gameplay, Call it whatever you want, we prefer to call it exciting.

Hour Two:

Wow! Our office is expanding, the races are becoming more intense and we’ve got one HOT secretary. Did we mention that the game still looks amazing?

Hour Five:

Hmm, haven’t we seen this track already? Oh wait, we’re going in a different direction than last time. This is still pretty cool. Can we get a new car yet? Wow our secretary is still hot, why won’t she talk to us?

Hour Seven:

Ugh, what’s that annoying sound that plays while we’re driving? How come you can only play one song over and over when you’re racing? Where’s the mute button on our remote? Oh well, at least the game still looks great.

Okay we've got our new Eclipse, now where's the chick in the pink beret?

Hour Ten: Okay, we’re getting tired of single-player let’s try multiplayer. (10 Minutes Later) Well that was fun, one-on-one racing is so 1999, this game needs a better gimmick and it needs it fast. Those graphics sure do look spiffy though.

Hour Fifteen:

The AI is so bad, they just run on tracks. What is this, Mario Kart? Argh, that bass sound is so annoying, our ears are bleeding. Haven’t we seen this track before? Oh, we’re going on the freeway instead of under it. Damn the game sure does look nice though.

What does this all equate to? Read the rest of the review to find out!
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