Anomaly: Warzone Earth Postmortem Interview


posted 5/2/2011 by Charles Husemann
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There’s a belief among some people in the industry that the game market is starting to polarize into two camps. The small/indie games/app games and the triple AAA, super big budget games. What’s your take on this thought? Is 11 bit always going to be about making smaller games or do you see a time where you create bigger games?
I share this belief. So on one hand there are some AAA games that have put the level of development so high, they’re so incredibly polished that even $20-million-budget games are not able to compete with them and fail. In such situation, a gamer that pays $50 expects that level of polish from each game of that price. That leads to a situation where only a few big-budget studios are able to deliver such games, and they vacuum all the air from the $50-game space. On the other hand there are indie games that offer old-school fun, innovation or a wacky story, and they’re usually below $10. Paying $10, the player expects a lot of fun but accepts some flaws – OK, it’s a pretty cheap game, but still bloody entertaining. I don’t know if there’s a way to fill the space between those two camps with something. But it’s just speculation anyway; the market has surprised me too many times.

The game is now available, do you have any tips or tricks for people who pick the game up this week? Are there any Easter Eggs or hidden things that people should be on the look out for?
Sure, I’d say – when playing Anomaly Warzone Earth please experiment with the squad management – buy new units when available and re-form the squad during battles, especially when deploying the commander’s abilities. It really pushes the efficiency up :)

We'd like to thank Pawel for answering our questions as well as Tom for helping to set the interview up.

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