Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt


posted 11/4/2005 by Sean Colleli
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This is however where one of my complaints arises. Until you acquire the special items for each of the Warner siblings, they are all basically the same character with a different appearance. They all have their unique personalities, which come through abundantly in the voice acting, but swapping between Yakko, Wakko and Dot is pointless without the special items. I would’ve liked to see character-specific moves and abilities that were available from the get-go. You even need scuba gear to do any water diving. Despite this lack of variety, the characters have a proficient set of attacks and techniques. Spinning, sliding, and ledge-hanging aren’t new, but they’re better than just having the typical jump/duck layout.

Even with the uniformity of the skills, playing through the myriad environments is enjoyable and oftentimes amusing. The game spans the Warner movie lot, and the various soundstages within, so you get to experience a wide range of locales, from a wild west set to a haunted mansion. The intrinsic details within each location are ripped straight from the cartoon, including the slapstick characters. You’ll run into Dr. Scratchansniff turned Victor Frankenstien in the ghost house, while Pinky and the Brain are constantly trying to take over the world with their ingenious minigames. Enemies and bosses are classic Warner Brothers, even if they can be easily beaten with simple strategies.

The way in which these environments are presented also surprised me. Though lacking in high poly counts, the texturing is pretty high-res, and all of the little extras are a treat for the eyes. Character models are not only faithful to their cartoon counterparts but mimic their animated look as well. The facial expressions on the Warner kids themselves were particularly well done. The worlds are solidly constructed both visually and from a gameplay standpoint; most areas serve a purpose, and look appealing at the same time. In addition, the water effects are quite impressive.

I would recommend Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt to the loyal fans of the series. It doesn’t bring anything fresh to the gaming table, but offers a substantial adventure that should take at least six hours to complete. The quality is uncommon for a licensed title and the show’s charm is intact for the most part. For adventure fans I suggest something meatier like Zelda; Edgar Hunt will be nothing but a passing amusement to the hardcore audience.

After a throw-away attempt on the DS, Warthog has constructed a passable platformer with the Animaniacs franchise. You won’t find anything fresh or spectacular, but the gameplay is competent and the show has (finally) been recreated with some decent accuracy.

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