All-in-Wonder 9000 Pro


posted 6/26/2003 by Charles Husemann
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ATI is the current king of the video card world having taken the world by storm last year with the release of the Radeon 9700. Instantly, ATI was transported to the top of the video card mountain and has stayed there with the release of the 9800 earlier this year. Unfortunately, not everyone can shell out $400 every couple of months to get a top of the line card. Some of us have car payments, house payments, and girlfriends to take out so we can’t afford to blow $400 to keep up with the Jonses. ATI has heard our cry and has replaced the Radeon 8500 with the Radeon 9000. For this review, I will be covering the All in Wonder (AIW) version of the Radeon 9000 Pro.

The Pro version of the 9000 has a slightly higher clock speed (the engine clock speed is 275 MHz instead of 250 MHz, the memory runs at 550 MHz instead of 500 MHz) and the Pro adds a DVI instead of the VGA output (it comes with a DVI to VGA connection if you’re not blessed with a DVI capable flat panel), and video output. The card I had came with 64 MB of DDR RAM but ATI does list a 128MB version on their site.

The AIW version tosses in a lot of goodies including video inputs and outputs (RCA connections, an S-video connection, and a coaxial cable connection). ATI also tosses in some decent video editing and encoding software so you can unleash your inner David Fincher. What’s nice about the coaxial connection is that you can plug your TV cable connection right into the card and utilize the built in TV tuner to watch TV on your desktop. Included with each card is a subscription to TV Guide+, which allows you to download the TV listings into your PC, and to use your PC as a TIVO (more on this later).

The final piece of the package is the inclusion of an ATI Remote Wonder (which I reviewed here. It’s a nice touch and really adds to the value of the package as the Remote Wonder alone goes for $50.
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