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posted 3/18/2004 by The GN Staff
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Gaming Nexus: Do you feel any pressure now from Dell?

Brian Joyce: Certainly we watch them and we’re very interested in how they are going to succeed and how successful they will be. We knew for a long time they had plans to do this. It’s a pretty small industry but honestly we anticipate it to be a good thing not just for the industry but for Alienware and so far that’s been true. For the industry it’s lends a lot of credence to the fact that you can make money doing this. It’ a viable thing and it’s not making toys for kids. And it’s not just millionaires who are interested in playing games to the best of their capabilities. For the company itself being the leader in this niche, every time somebody mentions Dell they essentially mention Alienware. And it’s sort of like how you got in touch with us. You want to find out what our perspective is on it is because we’ve being doing it for so long.

Gaming Nexus: In my interview with Dell, I did compare their laptop to yours as one of the first to offer an upgradeable graphical solution for laptops.

Brian Joyce: Yeah and that’s sort of our focus going forward is that not just to be a system builder but to sort of showcase the innovation and to do a lot more in research and design. The upgradeable graphics for the 51-M is sort of the first showcase or the first piece of evidence of that effort.

Gaming Nexus: You’ve come a long ways since 1996. Can you describe how the market and times have changed since you started and the difference between now and then.

Brian Joyce: Sure. Back in 1996, this really was a special interest kind of market. It’s almost an underground success story where as now, you see the IDC statistics on the growth of gaming in general and PC gaming and the PC enthusiast market it’s obvious it’s a viable market with good growth potential. So that’s certainly different. In addition I think you see more competitors now. There’s a lot more boutiques out there. There’s a lot more foreign competition. PC system builders that are probably based in Asia. There’s a lot more here in the US. And with the big OEMs coming on board you have to be really, really good at this to keep growing cause there are so many more sharks in the pond.

Gaming Nexus: Are you seeing a lot of business coming out of the country such as Asia?

Brian Joyce: I can’t speak to how many PCs they’re selling because honestly I don’t know but I do know I’ve seen more and more of them advertised. So that to me means they’re trying. It seems to me that the top three or four of us consistently win in roundups in terms of performance and attention to detail and customer support but there are lot more options out there. So again it’s mostly a good thing for us at the top because it keeps us sharp.
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