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posted 3/18/2004 by The GN Staff
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A few weeks ago we did a small interview with Dell on their XPS laptop gaming line. The talk of gaming enthusiast machines with Dell inspired us to go out and talk to one of the premiere gaming enthusiast machine producers around. Today we had the great opportunity to talk to the kind folks at Alienware. Brian Joyce of Alienware talked to us about what makes Alienware go. The interview was conducted with both Charles Husemann and John Yan asking questions.

Gaming Nexus: What do you think sets yourself apart from other companies and what do you think contributes to your success?

Brian Joyce: There are a couple of things. It also depends on who you are comparing us against. To some extent, the Alienware is in a league of their own. We’re not a little boutique anymore but we’re certainly not Dell either. So, when you compare me against Dell for example, the thing that sets us apart most is the gaming focus and the fact this company was founded on high performance computing and specifically with a gaming audience in mind. Almost everybody is a gamer and some of these folks are seriously hardcore. The main management team is still extremely hard core. I’m going to a BFV land party tonight and for that we still understand sort of what it means with the lifestyle is about, what’s important and what’s not important. And we don’t have to fake it.

Gaming Nexus: So the company was founded by hardcore enthusiast?

Brian Joyce: Oh absolutely . Alex Aguila is our president and Nelson Gonzalez is our CEO they were both gaming enthusiasts and into flight sims. The company was founded in 1996 so back in the day of course; the software was outpacing the hardware with all the proprietary technology it was a pain in the butt to try to keep up. So they started building their own machines thinking there was a market after all their friends and family asked them to the same thing. And they sent the machine for review to a magazine called Boot at the time, which is now Maximum PC. And they got a great review and basically placed a small ad in the way back section of the magazine and started taking orders almost immediately. And since then, the company has been, with no further investment revenue funded, doubling and tripling every year. Last year we did on order of $100,000,000 in sales.

That’s why I saw we’re not the boutique size or style as much anymore so against a Dell we’re certainly, believe it or not, price comparative when you do an apples to apples comparison. But also our focus is different. Dell entered the market after a long deliberation of return on investment analysis and market sizing evaluation. They’re in it for the money. We’re basically in it because it’s what we know and what we love.
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