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posted 8/29/2003 by Charles Husemann
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Aliens Vs. Predators…those simple words send shivers down the backs of fan boys everywhere. It all started with the second Predator movie where the films creators showed an Alien skull as Predator trophy onboard their ship at the end of the movie. Dark Horse comics then ran a great comic book series to further expand on this theory and ever since people have been clamoring for anything that brought these two great franchises together (you know you’ve got a good thing going when one of the bigger fan boy films of the year combines these elements with Batman (link to Batman film)).

The two Aliens vs. Predators first person shooters released a few years ago were excellent in the way they incorporated elements from all three of the races (Xenomorph, Colonial Marine, and Predator) and it gives users a good feeling for the nuances of each species by creating three fairly distinct game play modes based on the strengths of each species. With this high standard in mind, EA and Fox Interactive (check this along w/developer) decided to create Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction.

Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction takes place on LV742 (verify) where a joint mining operation is underway between the WeyYuen (verify) and the Colonial Marines and they have run into some seven foot plus tall alien type problems. Unknown to either group, a Predator hunting party is also on the planet and looking for some new trophies (and they aren’t looking for cheesy bowling trophies either). For some reason the Predators like to decorate their houses with the skulls of their enemies (which is probably why you never want to sign up for “Trading Spaces” with your Predator neighbor unless you are into that kind of thing or your name is John Yan). Any hoo, with everyone competing for the same space, you know there’s going to be a little conflict and that is where you, the player, come in.

The game comes with 21 missions (seven for each species), as well as a series of tutorial missions to introduce you to the game and a few sample missions to walk you through how to play each species. The tutorials are well done and provide a basic introduction on the ins and outs of how each species works. Given the different way each race plays (more on that later) this is extremely important to get users off the ground. The tutorials do not cover any of the advanced units and the game does not do a good job of introducing the more powerful units during the game, they just show up. This is where the bestiary comes in. Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction also provides you with a bestiary of all of the units available by species. This provides along with a list of their capabilities, weaknesses, strengths, and mini-description of each. These can be accessed at any time and you can pause the game to get the details on something that’s just attacked you (and there are a lot of things that can attack you).

The game allows you to control one of three races. The type titles races as well as the colonial marines. Each species comes with upgradeable ten units as well as some added goodies.
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