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posted 4/1/2011 by Dan Keener
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Not to be forgotten, I spent an entire afternoon (about eight straight hours) playing some PC games to get the feel for how well the NC300s worked in a fast-paced game environment. A couple of the titles I went for were the Halo 2, Gears of War and some extensive time playing Guild Wars. The NC300s provided me with excellent game audio, and most importantly, took me away from the distractions of physical surroundings and kept me in the game. I once again was able to pick out the small nuances of the games audio that you just don’t hear with basic earbuds or external PC speakers.

The last game I spent some time with was Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the PSP. This is a great game (check out our review) that has underrated audio (sadly, all dialogue is MIA in the game) mainly due to the background noises and the availability of the radio stations. As mentioned in our review, the PSP version has a lot more licensed audio than found in the DS version and the NC300 was able to present it like you were listening to a real radio. What I liked about this is that it helps create the overall ambience in the game and the NC300s once again took me into the game and away from the distractions of the real world.

I think the most impressive thing about gaming with the NC300s is that I was able to get to a whole different level of immersion into the game than traditional audio output allows. Due to the large frequency response, active-noise cancelling and the LINX Audio, you can just focus on what you are doing and block the real world out.

Miscellaneous Items of Note

• Cord length over 5ft
• Uses a single ‘AAA’ battery
• iPhone Compatible 3.5mm plug
• Comes in White of Black
• Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20,000Hz

Cord length
Active Noise-cancelling is highly effective

Could use a clip on the back of the in-line volume control
White finish will pick up dirt over time
Video vocals a bit lower than expected

Testing Methodology

Items utilized in the testing of the Able Planet NC300W headphones included, but not limited to:

iPod Touch, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS Lite, Asus Laptop, PC Desktop

All devices that utilize any type of equalization had testing done with it both on and off.

The Conclusion

The Able Planet NC300 headphones are simply fabulous for the person that likes to use their portable electronics to do everything. Whether it is gaming, watching videos or movies, playing music or trying to block out a noisy neighbor at work, the NC300 headphones are really good at every aspect. Considering the MSRP is only $129 (and found much lower online) with active noise-canceling, these out-perform many so-called high-end brands of headphones with the same specs that can cost twice as much.

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company for review.

While the NC300 headphones from Able Planet don’t have the flash of some of their direct competitors, what they do have is incredible quality and sound for the price. Too many companies try to sell a “look” and skimp on the sound while Able Planet sells you the complete package.

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