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posted 4/1/2011 by Dan Keener
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With the 2011 CES fading into the background, many of the products we saw on the show floor are starting to hit retailers and make their way to customers. One product that was introduced a while back but is still an active sell is the Able Planet NC300 noise-cancelling headphones with LINX Audio that I first saw in 2010. These have actually been available for some time, but the updated version I saw at the 2010 CES are one of the best noise-cancelling headphones I have experienced to date.

Out of the Box

Having reviewed some Able Planet products previously, I knew what to expect when I received the NC300s from the company, but I still get amazed at how much they give you for your money. The NC300 headphones come shipped within a box that contains a zippered hard-shell protective carrying case, 1 AAA battery, airplane adapter and 1/4 Home Stereo Adaptor.


The NC300 comes in both a black and white matte finish and GamingNexus receiving the white NC300W to review. Form a style standpoint, the headphones are attractive, look good on your head and reflect the level of audio quality that they produce. The ability to select them in white or black also allows you a couple of choices to reflect your personality. I liked the white ones, although they did tend to pick up dirt that was visible, but it was easily wiped away with basic cleaning solution.

The cord length (around 5’) is perfect for whatever use you plan to do with the NC300s. It doesn’t get in the way and actually has a volume control built in about 12 inches from the end that plugs in your mobile device. It could have used a clip on it, but the design and placement are perfect.
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