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posted 7/8/2003 by John Yan
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I've been reviewing a few of ATI's All-in-Wonder cards and they're a great buy for those who want great gaming performance and an abundant of multimedia features. Well what if you already have a good 3D card and just want TV on your computer? How about controlling the system with a remote? Well, ATi has bundled their TV Wonder VE card with a Remote Wonder together for those who want an inexpensive solution.

The TV Wonder VE Remote Control Edition offers a PCI TV card and the Remote Wonder, which is a remote that operates on radio frequencies. On the back of the card are a coaxial input, RCA input, and a 1/8" audio output plug. One factor that you might want consider about the TV Wonder VE is that it doesn't handle stereo. Mono's about the best you can get out of this card. I personally would rather have all TV cards have a minimum support of stereo audio. So don't be surprised if you use this card on your computer and only receive mono sound from stations that are normally stereo in your area.

The Remote Control is the same as what we have reviewed in our previous All-in-Wonder reviews and Charles Husemann's Remote Wonder review. The RF remote doesn't need to be lined up like most infrared remotes for it to work. For a more detailed look into the remote, you can check out the review here.

If you already own an All-in-Wonder Radeon card, you can use the TV card to give you picture in picture. You can't record two shows at once however but hopefully ATi will update their media center to allow that to happen. I'm guessing you'd need some good processing power to allow for two simultaneous encoding and recording but I could be wrong. Dubbed mulTView, you can control each feed independently and it's for sports fans like me to keep tabs on two different games and want to quickly switch between the two. We'll get into how well mulTView works a little bit later.
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