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posted 11/17/2002 by Dan Clarke
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One Page Platforms: PS2
Last year, Sony and Rainbow Studios (the company behind one of the original ‘madness’ games by Microsoft for the PC) released ATV Off Road Fury, and it was so popular it became one of the first games to enter the PS2 greatest hits program. Now a year and half or so later, we see the sequel and it doesn’t disappoint.

If the title didn’t give it away, I will now: this game is about off-road racing on an ATV – but there are plenty of mini games (hello ATV hockey) thrown in for fun.

When you start up the game, you’ll first need to create a profile where you edit your character – everything from your gender to the type of gloves you’ll be wearing are customizable. You can also select the number on your back and you can also put your name on your outfit as well.

Once you have created your profile, let me be blunt. Hit the Training Course. If you’ve never played ATV, you absolutely need to go here first. If you have played ATV 1 you’ll also have to play the training mode because finishing it (and it’s very easy) gives you access to 4 new ATVs right off the bat. Training mode shows you how to accelerate, brake, steer and ‘preload’ your suspension so that you can really get some distance when jumping – you’ll definitely need to know how to do this if you expect to win races. Besides, there’s nothing like training on a baseball infield with a very large mountain between second and third, no?

Now that you’ve finished training, you can jump right into the championship races – winning those give you bonus profile points which you can use to buy new tracks or unlock other options. Interestingly enough, in the submenu where you can use your profile points, you also can see the ‘standard’ way to unlock something (such as win a championship circuit). The idea of ‘buying your way’ into unlocking is a great idea.

While the options haven’t changed from the original, the number of tracks has increased immensely. The fact sheet says there are over 40 different environments and I’ve lost count myself, so I’ll take their word for it. After you’ve unlocked everything – and that will take a while – you’ll have access to over 20 ATVs (all licensed and sporting the correct names and logos).

The ATVs themselves can be tweaked a little for the engine and suspension – while you aren’t getting that technical (sliders are involved), it still adds a little bit of customization without getting too anal retentive which is a nice thing.

Once you’re on the track, the main goal is of course to win the race in “race” mode but you’ll also be awarded points for doing stunts during the race. Stunts are performed using L1, circle and triangle plus the d-pad. The instruction manual gives a full list – so RTFM!

In addition to race mode, there’s also a freestyle mode where you’ll have to pull lots and lots of stunts in order to win. Some of the locales include stadiums like ‘Providence’, which look a lot like a well-known football stadium in New England if you know what I’m saying. Very cool.
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