ATV Off Road Fury 3


posted 1/27/2005 by Matt Mirkovich
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One Page Platforms: PS2
Another year and another saturation of the extreme sports market. Every year we see more and more of these off road games sneaking on to store shelves, motocross and ATV sports seem like all the rage these days so it goes without saying the Sony would continue to release their Offroad Fury line even without the help of developer Rainbow Studios. Sony’s new partner Climax has a good track record of racing games with Rally Fusion and the Moto GP series, and for the most part their skills carry over well in to the ATV racing genre. Despite a few technical issues they do manage to recreate the same game that Rainbow had previously released, I just wish there was more evolution to the title instead of retread.

All Terrain Vehicle racing is something I’ve always wanted to try but never really had the funds or training to do so. But thanks to modern day graphics and game play I’d like to think that for the most part these games convey the feeling of flying off a sand dune at forty five miles an hour. For the most part ATV Offroad Fury 3 and the previous games have done an excellent job in producing an effective sense of speed and control. Although the immersion factor presented in graphics could use a little tweaking this late in the game, it still looks like a very solid title. For those who don’t like to go it alone there is also online play included that is for the most part handled very well, I didn’t have any issues at all while playing this on my DSL connection. It’s just a little bare bones, and the inclusion of mini games didn’t really strike me as all that special.

After navigating your way through the main menus and creating your player profile for both online and offline play you’re ready to get up and go in to the meat and potatoes of the game. There are multiple modes of racing that you can partake in, but all in all it’s still at the very core, simple racing. If you’re up for a quick race you can just jump in to a single race, you’re not going to have a lot to play with though if this is your first time in the game. To start unlocking more tracks you need to go through Championship mode and complete a five race circuit in order to unlock more tracks that feature more twists, more turns, and most importantly, more air. Aside from straight up racing there is a stunt mode that contains a lot of the fetch quest type game play that is becoming prevalent in extreme sports games these days. Go collect markers that are spread through the map, complete a four trick stunt, reach a specified number of points. It’s all stuff that has been seen before and is par for the course.
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