ATI All-in-Wonder 9700 Pro


posted 1/30/2003 by John Yan
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Multimedia Center 8.0 or MMC is the software that powers the multimedia aspects of the card. Right now it’s exclusive to the newer All-in-Wonder cards but should be available later on for those with the older ones. On the surface, it looks very similar to version 7.7 but there are a lot of new features that help improve and enhance your viewing pleasure. All the features of the old MMC are back such as TV on demand, recording, playback, and then some. A new skin is included called Zero-G, which I do enjoy using. A lot of improvements to the software are underneath so here are a few of them.

MMC 8.0 also has a bitrate control so you can control the encoding qualities when recording. An example provided by ATi would be an authoring of a DVD. You can set the maximum allowable bitrate to 4-5Mbps instead of the maximum 9.8Mbps so that you can get two hours of video on a single 4.7 GB disc.

Blended window was an interesting feature in MMC 7.7 whereby the video was translucent on the desktop. MMC 8.0 now allows to you have a translucent video in any size window along with the desktop now. Called ThruView now, it’s a pretty neat feature but I don’t know if many people would get much usage out of it. If there is text on the screen, it’s hard to read but then again the picture quality is dependent on what background you have. I found lighter backgrounds produced a better image than darker ones.

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