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posted 6/10/2005 by Charles Husemann
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GamingNexus: With the advent of gaming concerts (such as the Final Fantasy:More Friends concert) have you considered airing these type of events?
Pete Schiecke: While we don’t currently have any plans to speak of, it would certainly be something we would consider doing. It’s exciting that more of these gaming concerts are happening in the United States.

GamingNexus: Do you think you'll ever have the situation where the music will debut on your radio station before the game is launched? (similar to how movie soundtracks work)
Pete Schiecke: Absolutely. While I can’t talk about specifics right now, we do have plans to premiere video game music.

GamingNexus: Since this launch of the station have you had developers come to you with their music?
Pete Schiecke: While everyone we’ve worked with has been great, Tommy Tallarico, one of the most well known game composers in the United States, lent me his soundtrack collection to help us out. He’s very supportive of the channel.

GamingNexus: Do you classify most of the music you’ve picked as one genre (rock, orchestral) or do you have a wide variety of music.
Pete Schiecke: I’ve picked a very large variety of music. The great thing about AOL Radio is that the listeners can rate each song they hear, so I get instant feedback. If the feedback on a particular song is bad, I’ll stop playing the song. On the other hand, if the feedback is extremely positive, I’ll play the song more often. In the end, it’s the AOL Radio listeners that decide what gets played, not me.

We’d like to thank Pete for taking the time to talk to us about the Video Game Scores network and to Deana for helping to set up the interview. You can check out AOL Radio network by clicking here

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