ABIT Siluro GF4 Ti4200-8X OTES


posted 12/30/2002 by John Yan
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Included software consists of America’s Army, a demo of >Soldier of Fortune 2, WinDVD 4.0, Earthviewer 3D demo, and WindowBlinds NV Edition. WindowBlinds is a neat program that lets you skin your operating system. You can download a lot of different skins from Stardock’s website. For those who like to customize the look of their computer and OS, this program is definitely for you. The version only works with Windows XP so if you have some other version of Windows you are out of luck. America’s Army is an Unreal Tournament 2003 engine game that, while you can download for free, is nice to have on CD since you don’t have to spend your time getting it. The game isn’t bad and is the only full version game that ABIT has included with the card. The bundle of software isn’t anything special but it does give you two games to fiddle around with and a full version of the good DVD player along with a skinning program.

All the cables that you should need for output are also nicely included. For those who want to output to a TV, ABIT has a SVGA split to SVGA and Composite video cable.

The card itself is quite heavy. Installing the card into the system, I plopped it into the AGP port and locked it in. There is one complete screw hole and one half hole for the screws to lock the board into the case. It was a little awkward to try and put the card into the AGP slot because of the design and heaviness of the card. After a bit of fiddling, the card dropped into the area fine. Just make sure you don’t have any card or expansion port in the next slot. I had my USB 2.0 expansion port there and had to move it.

Lets get to see how well this card performs. Here is my test system:

AMD XP 2200+
MSI KT3 Ultra2
512MB PC2100 Crucial Memory
Hercules Game Theater XP
120 GIG Maxtor 7200-RPM HD
Windows XP Service Pack 1

I decided to use the latest nVidia Detonator driver package to run the benchmarks. The 41.09 package can be downloaded at nVidia’s website. The programs and games I used to test the card were 3D Mark SE, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament 2003, and Comanche 4 Demo.
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