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posted 4/21/2004 by John Yan
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Gaming Nexus:You've moved into the video card area with great success. The original OTES cooling system was pretty original to the ABIT line. And an OTES cooling setup appears on motherboards as well. What can we expect to be the next innovation from ABIT?

Lester Lau:ABIT engineers are a smart bunch. It never ceases to amaze me what kinds of stuff these guys cook up at the ABIT labs.

Power users love ABIT for the range of control over the system that we are able to provide. The next step will be to make some of these more advanced features accessible to the computer novice. You can already see it with µGuru, and the way updating the BIOS, which is traditionally a more complex task, has been transformed into a simple mouse click with FlashMenu. Of course, we will continue to cater to our core audience of more experienced users by making products that put the power in their hands.

Gaming Nexus:Along the lines of moving into new areas, you recently introduced a small form factor PC. How is that doing and should we expect more small form factors?

Lester Lau:DigiDice is definitely a change from the traditional small form factor PC. It seems that most manufacturers are more focused on size than functionality. Users appreciate the fact that DigiDice is the only small form factor PC that provides two 5-1/4" and two 3-1/2" bays for expansion, while remaining small enough to fit into a living room or carry to a LAN party. This balance of function and form is working well for us, and expect more small form factors in the months to come.

Gaming Nexus:Are there other areas you'd like to see ABIT expand to?

Lester Lau:I would like to see ABIT put even more emphasis on the burgeoning gaming market. I believe that most of our users overclock in the first place to get those few extra frames in Far Cry. So, making more products that cater to this group in particular seems like a natural step. Of course, being a gamer myself, I may be a little biased. :)

Also look for ABIT’s launch of our Fatal1ty line of products at E3. Jonathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel has won CPL 3 years running. He worked directly with our engineers to produce a kick-ass gaming board. Like I said, when we say Built for Gamers By Gamers, we really mean it.

Gaming Nexus:How has the move to producing ATI cards been?

Lester Lau:Working with ATI has been great for us. Generally, only one company has produced ATI cards with all companies simply putting their own sticker somewhere on that board – hence the similar look to all ATI cards. At ABIT, we design and manufacture ATI cards ourselves. By doing so, we feel we provide a stronger, faster card. We know Fast. We know Durable. We one of the only companies that are able to do our own unique design, so expect some ABIT Engineered ATI cards in the very near future.

Besides adding their VGA cards to the mix, we've also begun to collaborate on some other projects, such as the ACON4 Global Gaming Contest. We've got qualifiers happening around the world in over 20 countries and territories. By working with great companies like ATI, Intel, Kingston, and Western Digital, we are able to put over $150,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs.
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