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posted 4/21/2004 by John Yan
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ABIT's a company that has a great reputation with enthusiasts and some sweet products. Today we get to talk some shop with Lester Lau of ABIT.

Gaming Nexus:Tell us a little about your role at ABIT and your history with the company.

Lester Lau:I started with ABIT in 2001 as a PR Specialist, which had me interacting with hardware media and end users on a daily basis. Working in this role was great, because it allowed me to get a true feel for what people look for and appreciate in ABIT products. Being a bit of a tech head myself, it was fun discussing the latest and greatest in hardware with people with similar interests.

Now, I'm the Brand Manager for ABITGamer.com, a new online community for gamers around the world. I basically oversee all of ABIT's efforts in gaming and the gaming community. This involves the creation of the ABITGamer.com website, bringing game servers onto that site, partnering with gaming teams from around the world and organizing the world-wide gaming contest ACON4 with our partners Intel, ATI, Kingston and Western Digital.

Gaming Nexus:What do you think sets ABIT apart from the rest of the hardware manufacturers out there?

Lester Lau:I think the one thing that amazes me to this very day is the little things that ABIT engineers incorporate into their products that make our lives easier, and our PC experience better. I remember way back in the day, a Celeron 300A coupled with an ABIT BH6 was truly the only way to go hardware wise. The reason? ABIT's venerable SoftMenu that allowed us to overclock without jumpers. Now, with things like µGuru, we don't even have to do things like that in BIOS if we don't want to! Working for a company like ABIT that is this focused on the user experience is fun to say the least. I’d have to say that at ABIT when we say we are Built for Gamers, By Gamers, it is really that way and not some corporate bulls**t.

Gaming Nexus:The ABIT name is synonymous with high quality motherboards. What are some of the factors do you think have attributed to your success?

Lester Lau:ABIT has always put the user first in all of its decisions. Last year, a number of websites reported that many motherboards from numerous manufacturers which utilized capacitors made out of China were experiencing problems with leakage, But instead of just dodging or ignoring the issue, ABIT was one of only two manufacturers (IBM was the other one) to acknowledge the issue and make strides to rectify the problem. Although they cost several times more than regular capacitors, we now only use Japanese-made capacitors on all of our ABIT-branded motherboards. Things like this make me proud to work at a company like ABIT. Our latest effort is BulletProof Technology, which brings testing of components and stress testing to much higher levels. Our ABIT Approved Program will test as many components we can get our hands on and recommend components that ABIT users should be buying and those they should avoid. The Torture Test is a stability test with one major difference from those stability tests existing today – this test is designed to have most motherboards fail. How do we ensure ABIT boards pass each and every time? We start running this test in the design stage. If the early board is not passing, it is completely redesigned in order to ensure a PASS on the Torture Test while others will FAIL.
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