A look at DISCover Part three: Apex


posted 6/30/2004 by Charles Husemann
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GamingNexus: Apex is a relatively young company compared to the heavy weights out there, tell us a little about how the company was started and how you've grown through the past years.
Apex: Apex Digital’s co-founders, David Ji and Ancle Hsu were in the car stereo import business and had been hearing about the DVD phenomenon. They did research among their partners and elected to get into the market. Apex was fortunate enough to have Circuit City introduce the product on a national level giving Apex immediate credibility in the DVD market.

GamingNexus: The Apex name's got a good reputation with some of the internet buyers who scour for good DVD players that have unique features. What made you guys decide to jump into this new market?
Apex: The Internet buyers immediately picked up on the fact that the Apex DVD players had MP3 playback capability, a highly desirable feature. Apex was the first to incorporate MP3 in its DVD players

GamingNexus: How did you hear about the DISCover technology? Apex: DISCover approached Apex Digital. A “Drop and Play” PC game console had been a vision of one of our co-founders, Ancle Hsu for quite some time, but until DISCover brought us the technology we had not arrived at the solution. The ApeXtreme is the culmination of this vision.

GamingNexus: What is your target market for the ApeXtreme?
Apex: Certainly the casual gamer as it applies to the family entertainment experience.

GamingNexus: As usual the pricing on your products is pretty aggressive. The price for your unit is considerably less than other HTPCs. The components are different than the other HTPCs to help bring the cost down. How does this translate to performance for current high powered games such as Halo?
Apex: I believe your reference to HTPC implies Home Theater PC. If that is the case, this is not a full-featured entertainment PC, Apex does have plans for other generations of entertainment devices.
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