A look at DISCover Part three: Apex


posted 6/30/2004 by Charles Husemann
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GamingNexus: Tell us a little about the graphics chip and the CPU used in the units that are coming out. How do they compare to cards from ATI or NVIDIA and CPUs from Intel or AMD?
Apex: The ApeXtreme uses AMD’s Athlon XP2000+ processor chip, nVIDIA’s nForce2 IGP graphics processor and nVIDIA’s gForce4 MX graphics card.

GamingNexus: What program will Apex be using to control the PVR functions?
Apex: nVIDIA’s proprietary software

GamingNexus: What do you think the ApeXtreme has to offer over home built solutions?
Apex: Drop and Play capability and pre-installed scripting for the top 800 PC game programs.

GamingNexus: A few companies are using DISCover technology in producing HTPC systems, what makes your system stand out among the rest?
Apex: In line with Apex Digital’s market philosophy, it is a feature-rich technology product at affordable pricing that appeals to the mass consumer.

GamingNexus: Will the ApeXtreme system be user upgradable?
Apex: It will be software upgradable.

GamingNexus: Will the ApeXtreme support High Definition signals?
Apex: Yes

GamingNexus: The ApeXtreme has several different functions (Gaming PC, DVD player, DVR, etc)…what do you consider to be the most important feature of the device?
Apex: PC gaming

GamingNexus: When will the system be available for purchase?
Apex: Fourth quarter of 2004

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