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posted 1/25/2005 by The GN Staff
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2004 was a banner year for games in terms of the quantity and quality of the games that were available. While games are still recovering from the avalanche of games released in 2004 there are still a lot of high visibility games and gaming technologies that will be hitting shelves in 2005.

Here at GamingNexus we have an annual ritual of looking at the upcoming year in advance and telling you five things that we we are looking forward to in the yeaer ahead. Sometimes we are right (Half-Life 2, sometimes we are kind off (Doom 3), and sometimes we are completely off the mark (Unreal 2). Without further adieu here’s a list of what our writers are looking forward to this year.

Phillip Ellis - Staff Writer

1. Xbox 2, Playstation 3 - Yeah, I know it's not the year it is supposed to come out, but by now we should be seeing information roll in about the Xbox 2, and Playstation 3. Some of the shots I have seen of graphics from the next-gen consoles looks SCARY good.

2. First To Fight: Close Combat - The first person version of Full Spectrum Warrior basically, but with Marines. This game looks to be one of the best military simulations in many years, everything coming together. Obviously I'm a big military game buff, and I can't wait to add this one to my collection.

3. MVP Baseball 2005 - MVP Baseball 2004 left me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next baseball season. It was easily the best baseball game ever created, and there was plenty of reason to see that EA was actually trying to take it in the right direction. Now if only Take-Two doesn't get the MLB license...

4. NCAA Football 2006 - It's never too early for me to fantasize about my favorite series of games of all time. The NCAA Football series has undoubtedly been my life for the past few Summers as I work through school, only to enjoy the summer days playing NCAA with people from all across the world online. The game can only keep getting better can't it?

5. Battlefield 2 - EA is bringing Battlefield 2 to the consoles this year, so I won't need a supercomputer to run one of the best military games ever made. This version is set in the present day war, and that's got me more amped for a game than I have been in a while. What could be better than me fighting a war in cyberspace?
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