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posted 6/2/2006 by Ben Berry
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The design flaw that made the most impact on my time with the unit was the fact that it simply didn’t fit. Saitek designed the unit to make use of several different sized brackets to make the unit adjustable to the head size of the wearer. The bracket slides into the middle of the unit, along the back of the wearers’ head. The two earpieces remained permanently connected through heavily reinforced speaker wire. In doing this, Saitek did not take into account those of us with larger heads. When I put the unit on, with the largest bracket installed, the earpieces that should fit in my ear would sit up against the very back of my earlobes, and each time I turned my head, I risked having the unit pop off my head.

Being that I couldn’t get the unit to fit properly, I called on my girlfriend to assist me in my review of the product. She wore the unit for several hours, and had no problem with the fit. In addition, we both found the volume +/- buttons, placed directly over the in-ear speakers worked were well placed, and easy to operate.

What really saves this unit from a bad review is the sound quality. Much like the A-250, the A-350 features high quality Neodymium drivers that really do provide superior quality audio. “Once we got the connection working to the PC, I was able to listen to my music while I worked on my homework. The sound quality was really very good”, said Heather Shanks. While I couldn’t wear the unit properly, I did hold the in-ear speakers in place (somewhat painfully, I might add), and found that my thoughts on the sound quality echoed that of Heathers experience.

I contacted Saitek Public Relations Executive about the issues we discovered. In specific, I discussed with her the fact that the unit didn’t fit me, and that it was a major design flaw. “Saitek prides itself on listening to customer feedback and applying that feedback in the form of adjustments to current products, or as part of the design process for new products”, Tiffany Massey, Saitek Public Relations Executive  informed me.

In conclusion, the A-350 Wireless Headphones are flawed, but not fatally so. If you’re a person who has a medium sized or smaller head, and wish to use the unit for mostly music purposes, you may very well be impressed with the sound quality put out by the unit. However if you’re a gamer, and an averaged sized one (read: bigger person), you’re going to be less than thrilled with the product.

With the strength of the rest of audio line, and the solid reputation of their gaming controllers, the A-350 looks to be no more than a bump in an otherwise smooth road for Saitek.

Flawed, but not fatally so, the Saitek A-350 Wireless Headphones offer excellent sound quality and decent battery life. Presuming they fit your head.

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