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posted 5/23/2006 by Ben Berry
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When using it for gaming, it stands up as a decent mid-level 2.1 system, and that the output will satisfy most gamers who don’t need their chair to vibrate when they get taken out with a rocket launcher playing Unreal Tournament.

The A-250 comes equipped with both USB and 3.5mm jack audio ports for the times when you want to connect directly to a PC. I found no detectible lag time in output between the unit being plugged in to the PC and using it wirelessly. Also, battery life seems to be in the 20-25 hour range, which is longer than I expected, considering the volume the unit is capable of.

There are a couple very minor drawbacks to the A-250. While it works terrifically with Windows Media Player, iTunes, MusicMatch Jukebox, and the like, it does not offer support for Macintosh computers. Additionally, the unit only connects to audio playback devices like iPods through the 3.5mm jack audio port. This means you can play your music through it, but the media control buttons on the top of the unit become useless. It would be nice to see a firmware upgrade to resolve these issues. Finally, I found that when the A-250 was placed on top of my monitor (the only space I have available for it on my desk), I couldn’t read the LCD display as it is tilted slightly skyward on the front of the unit. Also, it would be useful if the unit had the ability to display the song title being played, whether from PC or portable audio unit.

All in all, the A-250 is an excellent audio product, and certainly worthy of the Editors choice rating it has received.

Whether you’re looking for high quality gaming audio in a small package, or a portable speaker unit for working in the yard, you can’t go wrong with the Saitek A-250.

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