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posted 1/13/2006 by The GN Staff
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Matt Mirkovich - Staff Writer
Game of the Year- Guitar Hero, hands down the most FUN title I've played all year. We has people at the offices jumping off of tables hitting the last riff of uncountable songs. It's got a perfect range of challenge and accomplishes what Konami's Guitar Freaks has failed to do for years.

Best RPG - Shin Megami Tensei - Digital Devil Saga - Even with Dragon Quest 8 being released this year I still thing Digital Devil Saga was the better title. I enjoyed the story much more and felt the game was a tad more enjoyable with it's cameo's and special side quests.

Anti-Best Sports Game - This special award goes to the sports title that I think was the biggest let down. And that goes to SSX On Tour. SSX 3 was practically snowboarding perfection. Yet so many things changed in SSX On Tour that it flawed the game and made it less fun to play. To go for greatness to staleness, quite a shame.

Best Fighting Game - Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike - Finally released for X-Box this year it was only a matter of time before Street Fighter found a way online. It is still the best 2-D fighter to date and rivals all 3-D fighters in terms of depth and complexity. Not until Street Fighter 4 will we see anyting that could possibly be better than this.

Best Action Game - Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented - C'Mon would I select anything else? Still scary, still fun, still fresh. It's a lot longer than the previous games, has a very interesting story that ties all three games together, and it's continuing to refine it's great gameplay with a few new tweaks that add a bit to an already impressive game.

Best Racing Game - Project Gotham Racing 3 - I want a 360 now...

Best Vaporware - Starcraft Ghost - Is this game ever coming out?

Worst Gaming Entity of the Year - G4 - The Man Show? Along with other countless non-gaming related shows G4 has shown us time and time again that they aren't worth watching. Skip the channel, skip the network, and don't sell out to them during shows like E3. I want to hit their producers with a rolled up newspaper and just say "NO!"

Best New Technology - The FearTek engine. F.E.A.R. is an amazing looking game and it runs so well on my semi-low end machine, unlike a certain first person shooter that starts with B and ends in attlefield 2.

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