2005 E3 Preview


posted 5/12/2005 by The GN Staff
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Seems I’ve been doing these top 5 things I want to see at E3 forever. So we’re coming up to a really big one this year as three new consoles will be on the floor to wow everyone and make them drool over what’s to come. With that here are the top 5 things I’m most looking forward to this year in no particular order.

1) Xbox 360, PS3, Revolution – I was going to name each one individually, but I figured that would knock 3 out of the 5 out too quickly. The Xbox 360 will be out first so there should be a lot of titles and hardware to look at this year for it. Seeing as how the MTV special’s impact was lessened with the leaked photos on Engadget, the console will still be one that I’m looking forward to seeing up close. The PlayStation 3 has had a few leaks here and there but nothing substantial. And there seems to be even less information on the Revolution. But being the hardware guy, I’m looking forward to seeing all three and pick apart the ins and outs of what’s going to power our next generation games.

2) Call of Duty 2 – Being a big fan of the first one, I was very happy to learn that a new one was coming up. Call of Duty provided some of the funnest single player action that I’ve experienced in a World War II first person shooter. At the time, I really enjoyed Medal of Honor and the squad like atmosphere. Call of Duty took it up a notch and I have high expectations for the sequel.

3) NVIDIA, ATI – Two big hitters in the video graphics world are going to be there as usual and so far it’s been pretty quiet on if they are introducing anything. I only have a half hour with NVIDIA this year but I get the usual hour and a half with ATI. ATI’s got some new chipsets to talk about and some theater shows that must need something to wow the audience this year since Half-Life 2 has been released. With the quick time I have NVIDIA, it might just be more than a courtesy meeting.

4) ABIT – Their silent cooling OTES technology has just been announced and will be shown at E3. I’m big into the silent computer arena and am always looking for products to improve my home made PVRs. This time the boys of ABIT will be in the big West Hall, up from the small parts of Kentia where the meeting rooms and small timers hang out.

5) THE Show – For the first time in a long, long time I’ll be able to just roam the halls on the first day. I’m usually running from booth to booth with appointments but this time I’m taking it easy and seeing everything I can. I haven’t been able to enjoy the show the past years but I’m happy to get my usual appointments and have time to just check out products in general.
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