10 Wii Prognostications


posted 10/19/2006 by Charles Husemann
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6. Graphics are going to mean more to people than Nintendo expects them to
Gamers know the graphics on the Wii aren't going to be as good as the ones on the PS3 and the Xbox 360 but the general public is going to get heavy doses of high definition game play around the time of the Wii. Not only do you have the PS3 showing off shiny new games but you're going to have the launch of the spectacularly good looking Gears of War to contend with as well. A lot of consumers could be turned away by the non high def graphics of the Wii, especially when compared side by side to what Microsoft and Sony are showing off. Then again they'll probably see the price tag on the other two systems and realize they can live with the lower quality graphics (assuming the PS3 is in stock any time this year).
7. There will be a lot of complaining about what is/is not available on virtual console at launch
The virtual console is a great feature for the Wii but it’s also a double edged sword as Nintendo is going to get flamed incessantly for what titles are and are not available at launch. While this probably isn't going to be as bad as the Xbox 360's backwards compatibility list last year (who can forget the presence of Barbi's Fun House and the absence of Splinter Cell) it's certainly going to lead to hundreds of flame wars across the internet. Hopefully Nintendo has a strategy to get titles out on a monthly if not weekly basis.
8. Ports on the Wii that are not specifically designed for the Wii will not be nearly as good as the versions for the 360/PS3
This is kind of a no brainer but we all know that the majority of the Wii games are going to be a rocking good time but what about the cross platform ports? Sure there are cross console ports that share a title with their Wii versions like Call of Duty 3 and Madden but that have re-worked game play specifically for the Wii. Specifically I worry about titles like Marvel Ultimate Alliance that are going to kick a lot of ass on the 360 and the PS3 but probably aren't going to translate well to Nintendo's new system. Certainly the onus is on the developer to make it work but I get the feeling we're going to see a lot of crappy ports released for the Wii at launch that are going to expose this rather large hole.
9. DS integration will be unveiled for some games shortly before/after launch and certainly by the end of the year
Another no brainer and we've already heard some rumors about a Pokemon game that takes advantage of this. Nintendo has a huge hit with the DS (and the even better DS Lite) so finding a way to integrate these two device together would bring upon a new dawn of console synergy goodness.
10. Some people are going to be disappointed, very disappointed - hype levels for the Wii are pegged at 11 and nothing can live up to that kind of hype. 
I fully expect the Wii to be a killer game console and one of the most innovative things to hit the gaming world in years. That said the shear amount of hype and level of expectations for the device is overwhelming and there’s bound to be some disappointment that the Wii doesn’t cure cancer, raise the dead, and do your taxes for you. I don’t know if the disappointment is going to be around the quality of the graphics or if people are going to find the new controller less than amazing. 
You’ll notice that I got through ten things and didn’t make fun of the name once….that’s right, an entire article without making a single Wii joke. That has to be a new record, oh well see you in line on the 19th.

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