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Deadline Day and Football Manager 2022

by: Rob -
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Deadline Day - it's the single craziest day of the yearly football calendar. And now Football Manager 2022 is implementing improvements to make the experience even better in the virtual world. The latest episode of the In the Studio series details the new "headline features," and is posted below. Those features:

  • Deadline Day - "A revamped Transfer Deadline Day experience in FM22 better replicates the drama and excitement of one of the most chaotic fixtures in the football calendar. Managers will be better informed of the latest done deals, rumours and offers from agents in a new Deadline Day hub." So better UI elements, a countdown timer, ticker bar on screen bottom with latest updates, all the thrill of the real thing now in the game. 
  • Staff Meetings - a "weekly fixture in your calendar" to communicate with the rest of the staff and" organise their pre-match preparation, long-term player development goals and their team structure." Listen to the advice of the other coaches and staff before setting the plan in place.
  • Data Hub - a new sidebar that holds "everything related to data and performance analysis." You can launch performance metrics, individual player analytics, and match data with visualizations like momentum graphs and zone maps. You can also drill down from there into even deeper analysis and insights from performance markers to how those compare to the rest of your league.  The game claims this is extremely similar to the way the best run clubs are using analytics in their own assessments of their squads. 
  • Match Engine - new Football Manager, improved match engine. New animations and player movements, better on the ball physics and dribbling animations, and "significant AI enhancements lead to a more lifelike flow to the passage of play over the course of a match." Pressing has also been reworked for realism with player condition taking greater impact on things like passing and shooting. Basically, when you run too much you get too tired and your play will drop. There is also a new player role, the Wide Centre-Back, which will make playing a three man center defense much more realistic with more options on how to manage that trio.

We already have a release date set for November 9th. Further details in that post. Football manager is a game to many, more of a religion to some, and the latest iteration is right around the corner.