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Zombies have invaded ijji.com's Soldier Front. Fear not fearless Soldier... Fronter; help is on the way. Thankfully, when programming in the code for zombies, the developers at ijji also thought you'd enjoy a way to kill said zombies, so they have created some new weapons and ammo/powers to help deal with the hellishly undead.

Now go exterminate some zombies.
New Soldier Front Patch Brings Weapons and Items to Help Combat Recent Zombie Infestation
IRVINE, Calif. - July 22, 2010 -To combat the growing zombie infestation in Soldier Front, the free-to-play modern military multi-player online first-person shooter (MOFPS) game, ijji.com has introduced new weapons for players to add to their arsenal. But ijji gamers beware -the new Zombie Pack also includes upgraded abilities for the undead, allowing players to harness a deadly new power. 
This new update to Soldier Front includes: 
  • Gold M4A1: The sleek, gold-plated luxury weapon allows players to blast away their enemies in style while enjoying improved durability on the weapon, which players can use in any mode.
  • Zombie Pack:
    • Silver Bullets: To combat relentless waves of zombies, these unique bullets make exterminating undead a breeze.
    • Vampire Power: This life leeching item allows zombie players to regain HP as they do damage to opposing players.
    • Zombie Grenade: This high-powered grenade will devastate the undead masses unfortunate enough to be in its range. 
Grand Fantasia screenshot 2"Soldier Front is an extremely competitive shooter with intense action and there's nothing more brutal than Horror Mode, where teams of soldiers and teams of zombie's go head-to-head," said Calvin Yang, vice president of marketing for NHN USA, which hosts ijji.com. "With the addition of these new items, players can enjoy an enhanced experience as they fight in the zombie-ridden streets of Soldier Front's Horror Mode."
Soldier Front is ijji.com's action-packed answer to the modern warfare FPS.  Players take on the likeness of various Special Forces unit leaders, such as SAS, Seal, Delta Force, among others, and implement distinctive task force strategies found in today's modern combat.  Additional information about Soldier Front is available at http://sfront.ijji.com/.
To learn more about this Soldier Front offer, visit http://sfront.ijji.com/event/consecutiveplay.nhn.
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