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Our favorite historical warfare publisher, Strategy First, has just released a budget-priced compilation of three military RTSs: Hunter/Killer, Fleet Command and Sub Command.  The package also includes a bonus DVD with some special features, and rings up for $20.  Looks like a sure holiday buy for war buffs out there.

The Naval Combat Pack Ships to Stores in North America!

The Ultimate Naval Warfare Experience!


Montreal, Canada. October 30th, 2006. -- Software publisher Strategy First Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings, Ltd. (Nasdaq: SSTR) and developer Sonalysts Inc, are pleased to announce the “Naval Combat Pack” has shipped to stores in North America and is now available for purchase. The “Naval Combat Pack” includes three award-winning naval simulation and strategy games from well-known developer, Sonalysts Inc.


The “Naval Combat Pack” is a unique blend of simulation and strategy that allows the gamer to control every detail and give orders from the Captain's chair. Players control "billions" of dollars in modern naval hardware including nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, and fighter aircraft. Mission objectives range from strategic missile strikes and enemy surveillance, to heavy-hitting surface battles.  In addition, Sonalysts is including a bonus documentary “A Century of Silent Service” DVD which is packed with over 90 minutes of interviews (including former President Jimmy Carter), authentic historical submarine footage, and numerous bonus features.

“We’re tremendously proud of the products that we’ve created over the last ten years here at Sonalysts Combat Simulations,” says Producer
Jamie Carlson. “Sonalysts is excited to share our small piece of PC gaming history with the release of the ‘Naval Combat Pack’. It is our hope that the inclusion of the ‘A Century of Silent Service’ DVD will create a collection that is not only a tremendous value, but is just so packed with modern naval content that it simply cannot be passed up by any military enthusiast.”

“The ‘Naval Combat Pack’ combines the finest simulations from Sonalysts together in one great package”, says
Brock Beaubien, Producer at Strategy First. “This pack is a must for any naval fan.”


About 688(I) Hunter/Killer
688(I) Hunter/Killer is one the most realistic submarine simulation ever developed for the PC. Master the sonar and weapons control systems, learn to develop real target situations and outfit your boat with the latest advanced weaponry. Then use your skills to complete the tour of duty and earn your dolphins to become a true submariner.


  • A truly authentic simulation developed by Sonalysts - a defense contractor who designs submarine simulators for the US Navy
  • Over 12 detailed operating stations: Control all aspects of submarine warfare, including the sonar suite, fire control, helm and target motion analysis
  • Real-World Terrain: Ocean depth and water density for the entire globe are based on actual satellite topographical data
  • Real-life situations: Conduct detailed training and single missions, plus a full campaign based on political analysis from real world situations
  • Multiplayer Warfare: Seek and Destroy up to 8 players over the internet or LAN             
  • Full 3D Technology: Full 3D technology allows for multiple camera views and accurate 3D models of over 20 different naval weapons platforms
  • Complete Control: Manage all of the resources of your submarine, including crewmen training and weapons load-outs

About Fleet Command
International waterways become theaters of war when the world’s most formidable maritime powers exchange their fatal blows. With entire fleets at your command, you must strategically deploy vessels from every class – frigate to aircraft to nuclear submarine – to maintain the precarious balance of naval power and gain position for the deadly endgame.


  • Campaigns and mission scenarios straight from current headlines
  • Exclusive real-time strategy with cutting edge, real-world weapons
  • Intuitive point and click game play
  • No need to memorize symbols or complex commands
  • Player designed task forces
  • Complete 3D environment rotates and zooms for intense combat action
  • Effects modeled in stunning detail- time of day, clouds, rain, differing sea states, ship’s wake and pyrotechnics

About Sub Command

Take charge of the most deadly modern-day submarines in the world – three distinct submarines across two unique and challenging campaigns. Utilize cutting-edge sensor and weapon technology to locate, track and destroy the enemy – even deliver Tomahawk missiles to inland targets. Whether transiting, diving, or surfacing you control the smartest, stealthiest and most feared subs on the water today!


  • Three submarines to command – Seawolf, 688(I) and Akula. Each contains authentic naval systems including Sonar, Radar and Target Motion Analysis.
  • Test your skills while firing Tomahawk missiles, rescuing crippled subs, rising through the polar ice cap to communicate information and much more.
  • Easy to use game interface – With straightforward controls and automated crewmen, controlling a submarine has never been easier.
  • Enhanced sound and 3D graphics engine – 3D Objects (over 250), from Russian trawlers to France’s Mirage fighters – plus exacting sound modes pull you in like never before. You won’t just hear the torpedo’s, you will feel them.


The “Naval Combat Pack” is now available in stores across North America at a retail price of $19.99. The game is rated E for Everyone by ESRB.


For more information on the “Naval Combat Pack” and to purchase your copy please visit:


Please also visit Gamestop, EB and Steam to purchase your copy of “Naval Combat Pack” online.                                          





About Sonalysts, Inc.
Sonalysts, Inc., based in
Waterford, CT, is an employee-owned business with 450 employees. Its annual sales are in excess of $50M and it has been serving government and commercial clients since 1973. Sonalysts began developing computer simulation games for the commercial market in the mid-nineties as part of its diversification plan following the end of the Cold War. Sonalysts has developed three PC naval simulation games to date – “688(I) Hunter/KillerT”, “Jane's Fleet CommandT”, and “Sub CommandT”. Each of these games has won a variety of awards from "Best Combat Sim of the Year" to "Best Maritime Sim" of 2001. Sonalysts' games provide the user with a scalable experience so that the most dedicated simulation and casual players can both equally enjoy them. All of the games (including S.C.S. - Dangerous Waters) are being used by the U.S. military for training and/or as a simulation analysis tool. “Jane's Fleet Command” has been used by ABC and NBC News to assist in broadcast visualization of military operations in Iran, Kosovo, and Afghanistan.


AboutSilverstar Holdings
Silverstar Holdings Ltd. is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: SSTR), focusing on acquiring controlling positions in high growth retail driven and fee-based electronic game businesses that stand to benefit from the economies of scale generated by the Internet and other technology related platforms. It currently owns Fantasy Sports, Inc., a dominant provider of fee-based NASCAR related and other fantasy sports games, Strategy First Inc., a leading developer and worldwide publisher of entertainment software for the PC, as well as a stake in Magnolia Broadband, a fabless semiconductor company and innovator of radio frequency (RF) solutions for the cellular industry.

About Strategy First Inc

Strategy First Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings (Nasdaq:  SSTR), is a leading developer and worldwide publisher of entertainment software for the PC.  Founded in 1990, the Company is well known for its proprietary groundbreaking titles, such as the award winning Disciples, Jagged Alliance and Space Empires series of games, which are under continuing development.  Simultaneously, Strategy First continues to publish many of the industry’s major titles, winning numerous awards for games such as “Hearts of Iron”, and “Galactic Civilizations.”  Recent offerings include top releases such as “S.C.S. – Dangerous Waters™” and “Space Empires V.”  The Company provides a unique alternative for independent developers seeking to market their games to a worldwide audience.


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