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by: Jeremy -
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Marvel and Sony have revealed the contents of the upcoming Marvel Costume Pack 2 for Little Big Planet. The first pack was released last week and included outfits for Iron Man, Thing, Mystique, DareDevil, and Doc Oc. This time around though, players will be putting sackboy into the famed uniforms for Thor, Elektra, Spiderman, Ghost Rider, and the Human Torch. Is it me, or is Ghost Rider actually pretty scary looking... what happened to cureness?

I think that it is fantastic that Sony continues to support Little Big Planet even with the sequel so close on the horizon. They have played it very smart with the franchise and ability to carry over the DLC into the second game will only help the franchise in the long run, just like Rock Band. Bravo Sony... bravo.

You can check out the new costumes below.

Source: Hooked Gamers

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