Mines of Moria Breaks into the Waterworks

by: Eva -
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Lord of the Rings: Mines of Moria is the biggest underground dungeon crawl to date. Moria was once a thriving civilization and the massive Waterworks area will make players believe it. The Turbine development team has put together screenshots and a video of the vast falls, channels and water wheels that cooled and provided fresh water and fish for Durin's Empire. The screenshots also expose some of the creatures lurking in these passages.

LotR Online: Mines of Moria `The Waterworks` Video

Following the link are more screenshots of the Waterworks. The video and screens alone don't really give you an idea of how huge the area is but if you watch the spiders in the video and compare them to the one shown battling the Guardian in the screenshots you begin to get an inkling of the scale involved. The Mines of Moria opens its gate November 18th. 
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